Sunday, October 13, 2019

The love

Lift up your hands
Say it loud
In the darkness
Your prescence
Finds Your child
In a place
I never thought
I would witness

You are here
Or night

You don't leave
And Your children
Say Thank You

Friday, October 11, 2019


Lead me to a place
Where Your will
Is where I stay
Where Your instructions
Are not rules
Or laws to
Restrain me
But a calm pat
To avoid undue harm
You suffered
So I would not

You silenced pain
The things
Of the world
All I need
Is to proclaim
Your ability

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Finding the grace
To give and receive
The cool autumnal breeze
Sending a chill
Down my spine
Searching for a blissful repose
Along the riverbank
Pen in hand
Shuffling notes
As I get ready
To unveil
Protagonist's next adventure
Imagination surrenders to faith
In oneself
And the process
Of discovery and self-examination


I read somewhere that to mitigate fear is to do it so here we go.  I learn so much when I wander into places asking a question, yet getting a story.  Last year in South Philly, I met residents who took the time to answer my questions, and love me in a way I wouldn't love myself. Walking those streets remembering PopPop, I saw his character. Looking back on it now, I'm humbled by the place that molded the man I miss so much. The community is a hug I needed. The tough exterior masked a mushy interior. South Philly made me comfortably uncomfortable. The pride in home, the generous meals, the laughter that roared in every breath.

Make me uncomfortable
So I need to shake
The pride
The pain
In the deepest crevice

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Let me say this
I've been kind
When it's not given
In return
I've had to explain
Where one should not
Need to
I've had to forgive
Because I needed peace
More than my wish
To be right

Disability gives me a perspective I didn't but have. It's a blessing to know the answer is there. I just wish it wasn't so. I'm teaching the world what some like me deal with everyday.


Six miles
The Cliff Walk
Calling card
The Mansions
The ocean waves
The brazen surfer
Try and tame
The white capped swells

I'm walking miles surrounded by real and perceived slights and tribulations. I have to remember the six miles and the elation I felt upon completion. I took a break at Easton beach celebrating with the sweetest treat:  Del's lemonade. Life is like those six miles. Hopefully starts with the joys of childhood, the middle gets complicated, then as we are privileged to age the journey is the reward. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Those hospital days
I remember
The grogginess
The need to rest
And not force progress
In life
I've forced time
To warp speed
Not letting events
Happen naturally
The process
Of learning never ends