Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five facts

1.  I speak three languages
2.  I own a poodle, Tebow
3.  I am a Southerner
4.  I enjoy swimming in the pool
5.  Can't wait for football tonight

Five facts about you?
God Bless,


  1. First I am impressed you speak three languages...WOW.

    1) I can write backwards
    2)I love to doodle with a sharpie...
    3) I am a Northerner with Southern roots
    4)I like to drive back roads with my camera in hand
    5) I am happy

  2. Thanks for stopping by our little bloggy blog today! Here's my five:

    1) I find out tomorrow whether or not I passed the bar exam.
    2) I get married Saturday.
    3) I leave for Aruba on Sunday.
    4) I plant to drink, sunbathe, and read ALL week.
    5) My mind is in wedding mood and I cannot think of anything else at this point! I am a BORE!


    I love you speak three languages! That's insanely awesome!


  3. I would like to see a picture of this tebow baby :)

  4. oh i love that you speak 3 languages! so cool! happy friday!

  5. Wow, 3 languages? That is such a gift!

    1) I am ambidextrous
    2) I am re-reading the book of Psalms right now
    3) I really like Pilot G-2 gel pens
    4) I collect baskets
    5) I am so excited that it's almost fall!