Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I am on a news detox. I don't know when I will return. I listen to Christian music all day. I am in constant need to pray. I can't deal. My heart hurts. My soul cries. I no longer speak.  I love God, therefore I am to love people, but I struggle.  We no loner can have conversation, and so I cease. It's His job. I'm having to lean on who Jesus is. What would Jesus do?  Jesus is no illusion for which I give thanks.


  1. The Fake news is enough to make a person sick.
    Satan is having a ball keeping people blinded to the truth.

    Hope your detox works soon for you. I am doing same thing, not listing to news

  2. Praise and worship works when we don't feel like praying. It's ok not to listen to news, read the things that make you feel better instead. Take care dear!