Monday, March 19, 2018


I have to keep my heart on God every day. The brokenness of the world would break me. 
I am eating too much chocolate. 
I purchased new items yesterday which made me happy

Tell me yours. 


  1. Too many cookies. Too much TV news. And I bought another little bunny for Easter decorating.

  2. Like you I need to constantly keep my focus on God daily. I want to make sure I make time for Him daily.

    I detest spammers who try to leave their junk on my blog. I know detest is a strong word. I should detest the spam and not them.

    I really need to eat better.

  3. I cannot forgive the woman drunk driver that hit my 27 year old grandson's car head on and seriously injured both him and our seven year old great-grandson who stopped breathing at the scene of the crash! But...I am thankful that there was an "angel" there in the crowd that gathered who knew CPR and brought our little one back at the scene before the helicopter, ambulance or police arrived . Our grandson was pinned in the car and couldn't even help his son. The hate is eating me up inside because the rumors are that she is still partying and drinking while my family are still trying to heal. God forgive me for this hate that I carry~

  4. I ate ice cream last night, not good for my diet. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. AND, I ordered some new cross stitch patterns, why did I do that? I have so many already. {{sigh}}

  5. I'm right there with you on the brokenness of the world. We have to keep giving it to God, every step, lest it overwhelm us. Oh, and thank you for reminding me to test my sugar- I'm not having a good day of it either!

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  7. I love chocolates and I find it hard to stop eating chocolates, so I better not buy any!

  8. Participation in Ike's blog.
    See the new cards -

    (I wonder - did you like the books I sent you?)

  9. I love chocolate too! Happy First Day of Spring :)