Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I feel most peaceful in an empty church.
I may do a no holds barred disability post.
I want a cookie.


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  2. I accidently hit publish before I finished my comment.

    I get very irritated with people who take advantage of special needs people and will sometimes let them know.

    I hate when people try to leave spam on my blog and not actually read my blog. Seriously, why would they say "Awesome post, you really rock!" after reading a sad post?

    I never drink hot tea from a disposable cup.

  3. I would have loved to live in the 19th century.
    I love to eat but hate to cook.
    I love walking on paths that are in the woods.

  4. I love to go for a walk at the beach!
    Like cooking!
    Love the sunshine!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Three thoughts. Hmmm... I love coffee. That thought bounces my brain to Gilmore Girls and Lorelai saying "Coffee. Coffee. Coffee." OK. One more. My aunt is in the hospital and we would appreciate prayers. I hope you are having a lovely day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  6. I love my job though sometimes I feel helpless.
    I'd love to spend a month in a peaceful place where someone would provide my meals and I could work on what I love and what is also necessary for others (a specific issue).
    I'd love to travel for a longer time to Ireland or England/Scottland or eves USA ;)

  7. I couldn't agree more with you about being in an empty church. It's wonderful.
    When I see the deer at the Ditch, my heart sings.
    I can't wait till I can get to the lake and be up north again.

  8. i prefer to be alone most of the time
    i hide red licorice in my nightstand drawer
    i love to eat at restaurants on the outside patio (weather permitting)
    I would like to visit Kansas City one more time in my life because I was born there and lived for 10 years.
    I really dislike litter bugs.

  9. Empty churches feel peaceful to me too, and I always want a cookie--always! :) Thank you for visiting my blog.