Sunday, March 29, 2020


I’m driving
Myself insane
Trying not
To touch
Me eyes
Wipe my nose
Not well enough
Afraid of contamination
I’m afraid
Of the virus
But the anxiety
Is doing work
On my
Right now


  1. Dearest Regine,
    We are not supposed to let the very negative and fear mongering, often not based on true facts, affect us negatively. That is the worst base. Instead we need positivity and build our immune system up as much as we can. Vitamin D from the spring sunshine and indulging in the new growth in Mother Nature all around us.
    The Swine Flu in 2009 caused 60,800,000 cases and 12,469 death... The media then did NOT mention it at all.
    No doubt a lot of people felt anxiety, seeing their loved ones perish...

  2. Anxiety is a soul sucker - and difficult to displace. Heartfelt (non-infectious) hugs to you.

  3. They tell us not to touch our eyes, our face etc but it's something we all do. But just know that God is protecting you Regine. Try not to be out too much and if the governor of your state orders the residents to stay home, then honor those orders.
    Sending a hug to you.

  4. Do the best you can. I am quite sure you are not alone in your fear and anxiety.

  5. Todos estamos com medo, fique bem! Vai passar.

  6. i think we are all afraid...

  7. I also keep in my mind: Keep both my hands away from my face. Wash my hands frequently and properly.

  8. Poche parole che racchiudono in sè 'ansia che stiamo vivendo in questo periodo così difficile.

  9. Tenemos que ocupar la mente en cosas mas alegres que este virus que se ha venido a amargarnos los días.

  10. It's hard and scary but, we'll live!


  11. I hear you Regine, it is a very unsettling time. Our country has been in full lock down for a week now and that is difficult too.. I keep re-focusing on God - again and again as fear would try and trip me up and make me anxious...
    Stay safe

  12. Todos estamos assim!Ansiedade grande! Espero acabe logo e bem! beijos

  13. Ugh same

    Well said, darling!


  14. We are all anxious at this time. Stay safe, Regine!

  15. I'm feeling quite anxious as well...sending you hugs! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. It's a worrisome time right now, my friend. I just stood in line for about an hour and a half outside of Target for toilet paper shivering in the cold. No fun. Hang in there and have faith.


  17. Someone told me that wearing a mask (one you might make or a bandana or a home made one -- or a "real" doc one) is a great way to stop touching your face, or at least your nose below! I need to try it but it makes sense!

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