Friday, July 19, 2024


 What is your win for the week?

What is making you smile?

Best recipe you made?

Book you read?

Thing you bought?

Thursday, July 18, 2024


 It’s a true blessing

To trust God 

When everything

Makes no sense

But your calm


It’s not 

Your job

To figure

It out

Not every day

Is this good

When it is

I just accept

The gift

That it is

Wednesday, July 17, 2024


 Took a little ride around the property. Needed to gaze at the rolling hills and green grass. Nature really clears the thoughts. Feel small sometimes. Let something be bigger. Be present. Be available to wonder. 

Listening to Luke

And Morgan

Croon about

Country living

Makes me feel 

Alive and well

Because they 

Realize the joy

That comes

From living

This reality

Where net worth

Is not a thing

To celebrate

The dirt 


My toes

Is the gem

The diamond

Carats upon carats

Is covered

In red clay

Tuesday, July 16, 2024


 As I pick the tomatoes off the vine. I swirl them in my hand. I feel its texture. It’s firmness. I examine its bright hue. I look for the sights around me. I listen for the bees. I smell for the flowers. I look for the hose to keep them watered. I seek the things that keep me fed. The grass grounds me to the earth. In your domain what am I?

I’m the apple of your eye

The gelato to the cone

Baseball to the American psyche

The truth is never pleasant

But it frees you

From your own prison

The enslavement

You created

Trying to be

The embodiment 

Of perfection

That is an illusion

Because its not 

An attainable reality

Love yourself and one another

Monday, July 15, 2024


 I had a different post I was going to write. The Lord put on my favorite song, and said no ma’am. I’m taken back to a sermon yesterday taking about being fruitful in the place of your suffering. This one statement has thrown me for a loop. I don’t know what it looks like to be fruitful right now. What I’m realizing is that every ninety days I get a reprieve from my suffering. It lasts for sixty. The next thirty, suffering and I are reacquainted. So right now, I’m on the every day is a gift. I don’t like suffering, but I’m intimately aware of its presence. 

Right now, I’m in a holding pattern where I don’t know what comes next. Life is a mystery. I get to unwrap it each day. Each day I wake without pain is hitting the lottery even when I look at my checkbook, and there aren’t many zeroes. I’m honestly convinced my current state is because God wants my undivided attention. I don’t need things. I need Him. I don’t need the world to tell me a sale will complete me. 

So right now. Pain free means taking meds, stretch and get on my bike. Sweat and let the world fall away. Your health dictates for you that social media is not your friend. All you find is a fantasy not based in reality. Take a walk later, and say hi to my creatures. Marvel in creation. Go back to basics. I love you. 

Love yourself and one another


Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday story

 Got a scare this morning. All due to a cricket. I can laugh now. Not much then. I wake up and walk to the kitchen ready to get some joe going, check on last night’s laundry and take out something to thaw for dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary. It must be said I thrive on routine. I’m walking around in my own world for a moment. It takes me a moment for me to fully coherent in the mornings. 

As I’m meandering around, I start to hear a sound. A might loud one. I think I must be hearing things or delusional. A few minutes later, the sound is back. I try to disregard it. It goes away. I go off to start the coffee, and hear we go again. I abandon the thought of coffee making. I go around the kitchen in a tizzy. I’m seeking that noise like a honing beacon. I walk in to the laundry room. The washer isn’t on. I check the pantry for a pesky rodent. Thankfully I don’t find one. I check the fridge out of sheer frustration. Maybe rotten cheese is playing tricks on me. 

I go to sweep up the house. Farm living means once a week vacuuming doesn’t do the trick. As I’m sweeping the noise is my neighbor. I just give up. I’m on edge. No tea kettle is whistling. And I’m in the process of wondering what is taunting me. My mom then decides to come in the house. I relay this morning’s adventures. I ask her if she knows the origin of this noise. 

Without hesitation she says:  “my crickets”.  Your crickets, I say. She shows me what she has them in, and now I don’t know what to feel. Relief that I’m not going insane. Crazy that a cricket can drive me wild. Mom says I couldn’t let my crickets get hot. Pet parent of the year. Now I laugh. Farm life keeps you grounded while making you laugh. 

Enjoy your Sunday, and find the little miracles

Saturday, July 13, 2024


 Relish the quiet

May the outward break

Will be one

For your body

I’m giving

What you’re not 



That’s it