Sunday, April 14, 2024


 Love me

As you do

Even if

No one knows

You are my audience

If anybody knows me

Let it be

Because of

My proximity

To you

The lover

Of my soul

We look

To fame

And wealth

To define

Our worth

And we fail

Every time 

Because our hearts

Need new focus

Not a judgement

Or indictment

Of others

Just a necessary reminder

Of what

You desire

Of me


 I don’t understand

The why

Beyond your motives

But I trust


You’ve proven

To be worthy

Of all my praise

Please pray for someone near and dear to my heart. May He provide healing and His providential Power. 

Sunday love and blessings

Saturday, April 13, 2024


 Protect Your people


Your will

Not mine

Be done

On Earth

As it is

In Heaven

Friday, April 12, 2024



Three things I’m grateful for

Being honest and not lying to myself. If you’ve been in denial for any length of time, I don’t need to explain this. 

The grace and mercy of God are allowing me to be honest. There is nothing perfect in my life, but Him. I’ve struggled mentally for years, and couldn’t get out of my own head. I finally got so physically tired, I surrendered without knowing that’s what I was doing. 

I’m grateful to wake up without pain most days. I’m grateful medical advancements allow me to stretch and exercise. You don’t get to choose much in this life, but you choose how to modify to your ability. 


Any prayer requests?  It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, I will still intercede. I believe enough for you and me. I plant seeds, he waters them. 


Anything that made you smile

Thank you CC at Couture Carrie for a wonderful book that arrived in my mailbox. If you know anything about me is that I love unexpected gifts. Love you friend. 

Thursday, April 11, 2024


 I’ve come

To terms

That my worth

Doesn’t come

From what

Is thought of me

I’m not a star

No athletic talent

Not loud 


A little stoic

I have masks

For each emotion 

I’ve hidden


But my heart 

Knows the lie

Must end

I have Cerebral Palsy 

I’m just learning

How to not

Let the truth

Of my condition

Determine the health

Of my happiness

Late blooming

Takes on different meanings

And I’m finally

Surfacing for air

Clawing from 


To proudly declare

I don’t know

Who I am yet

But I know 

Who I’m not

I’d given up 

Hope when 

My hopes


To become

Old wineskins

And then 

I realized 

I was trying

To pour new


Into old vessels

It doesn’t work

It’s taken

40 years

To want 

To get acquainted

With myself

It’s only


What I wanted

Needed most

Was healing

It wasn’t going

To happen

Until I gave


To self

For something

I didn’t cause

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


 When your being 

Is fully aligned

To who you’re 

Meant to be

Your soul

Will feel


The heavens

Have opened up

Ready to douse 

You in a rush

Of refreshing


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Finally delivered

 Rainy day here

For the first

The desire

To flee

My current location

Isn’t as rampant

Because for me

To appreciate

What I have now

Will increase

His confidence

In me

That my 


Will elevate me

Instead of causing 

Inner warfare

I’ve been told

This for years

I’ve had to

Experience this

With great delicacy

And be attuned

To how this lesson

Would finally hit

My stream of consciousness