Thursday, August 31, 2023



Everything in my body is going to need you today. Doctor today. I’m scared, but courageous. I’m going to need your strength to be slow to anger, to listen, to take advice of counsel. I’m going to need You more than my own will. Cover me with your prayers. Thank you. 


Help me

Be submissive 

And subservient

To Your call

You’ve equipped me

To conquer

What I fear

With Your assistance

It will be accomplished

Trust You

And not 

My own

Selfish desire

Love yourself and one another

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


 Thankful today for all your love and support. It never ceases. Thank you. 

How may I pray for you today, love you or support you?

So many in this world need prayers, so I’m sending mine out. When I focus on others, and get out of self I’m much more grateful and happy. Hugs my friends.  

Love yourself and each other


Monday, August 28, 2023



These notes are a weekly occurrence it seems. The fog comes and goes. Half the time I don’t know what day it is anymore. I have to be intentional about being in the here and now. Comparison really is my thief of joy these days. I question if I’m making you proud. Making you glad to call me Yours. I got a package the other day filled with cards, and one specifically got my attention. Let me say, it hit a nerve. It said something like the struggle builds strength. Well, four words have stuck in my crawl. It’s something I needed to hear, see and read. It’s been the season of struggle. The least I can hope for is strength. Strength for what I don’t know yet. I’m in a season of blissful ignorance. I don’t know how else to put it honestly. So as I strap weights on my ankles, Lord, lift the weight off my heart. It feels like I could make a book off my letters to you. 

Love yourself and one another

Sunday, August 27, 2023


 Blue collar blood

White collar dreams

Oyster stew

On the table

With saltines

Dreaming of caviar

And champagne

John Deere

And weeds

As tall as

My knees

Teach so much more

Than yachts on

The high seas

St. Tropez

May be 

The desire

But the pond

Is my reality


Saturday, August 26, 2023


 Dream away

Let them soar


The star

Of your soul

As you remember

Your penchant

To shine

Like the thirty carat


That demands respects

And commands 



And deserving

Of your love

Is who 

I will always be

Because I’m Yours

And you 



Friday, August 25, 2023


 Play in the doh

What Play-doh

Teaches a forty

Year old

Get in there

Make a mess

Have fun

Channel the

Inner child

Let exploration occur

The joy happens

When the creative mind

Is allowed to roam

Without rules

And happiness

Is allowed

To reign supreme

Be the kid

Your adult self

Long abandoned

For responsibility 

And caution

Learning that fun

Is not something

To deny yourself

Just because

You are granted

The opportunity

To age

Even if

It is

The greatest privilege

The few

See eighty

Or ninety

Leaving a legacy

That spans generations

Love the journey

For it is

What your pride

Will be rooted in


Thursday, August 24, 2023


 Fueled by faith

And face cream

The bed sheets

Felt extra cozy

This morning

Enough to burrow

And cocoon


I’m off

To make 

The day count


Hit me

With your

Best shot

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Go time

 Let your soul free

As the keys go

Surrender the words

That your mind

Holds onto 

Like Fort Knox

Let the body dance

The heart sing

Stop thinking

Too much

Of that


To regret

Missed chances

And the dreaded

What if

What if

I just laid 

It out there

The cards

Are face up



Go time


 Train up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it. 

As I’ve mentioned these past weeks have been rough, but let me say God was faithful in my distress. And my distress allowed me to learn to be present. I have no desire to return to the discomfort, but I can acknowledge its purpose. Too often I’m in yesterday or tomorrow. I’m rarely in today. Today has value. I seldom recognize it. In those weeks I read the Word, but it didn’t stick. The Word was moving with me. Every step was act of trust. I had no faith in self, but in Who He has been to me. I don’t have children, but whoever sees me, let them know goodness comes from Him. He becomes the shield that shelters me. 

Cover me

Covet me

As your beloved

Show the children

Who is always there

To soften the blow

And kiss their

Boo boos

Tuesday, August 22, 2023




When my will


To supersede 


And my desire

To be right

Wins and losses

Are to measured

In the amount

Of peace

That has been

Poured into

The vessel

Known as

The heart


That joy

Is a precious commodity

To be savored and treasured

Monday, August 21, 2023


 Breathe in

Breathe out

Realize God

Knows what

He’s doing

Even if

You don’t

Sit back

And relax

While He

Does the work

My only job

Is to trust

And obey

What He decides

It all goes back

To that old

Church hymnal



Every season it seems as if You sense that I’m coasting. Life seems good and comfortable. I kind of have a take it or leave it approach to faith. On the surface, happiness is there. Somewhere in my lukewarm attitude, the bottom drops, and I do too. It’s not been a pretty two weeks. Like a pitcher, I am experiencing a case of the yips. Everything I’ve enjoyed is causing me anxiety. I’m having to fight the fear. Or it would eat me alive. I was told about exposure therapy. I must be in the fearful situation to master it. I must go through the fire to come through victorious. I’ve not backed down before, and today is not the day I start. I don’t know why You put up blocks, but I’m surmising if the answer results in my return to Your arms, it is worth it. 

Love yourself enough to fight

Friday, August 18, 2023



Shine bright

For Your Lord

And Savior

Is ready

To give

You a smile

Your sorely need

Thursday, August 17, 2023


 Some days

Are a battle

And the worst part

Is your in combat

With your own mind

Fighting through it

Anxiety and I 


To go at it

More than

I’d like

Love yourself and one another

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


 It’s a little after 9:30 pm here in South Carolina. I happened to open up Facebook because I like seeing parents posting back to school photos. I’m childless and still a sucker for the photos. The smiles send me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I chase those any chance I can. Too much of this world is a depressant, and these children are a shot of sunshine. I expected more photos. I didn’t expect a post requesting urgent prayer. This prayer requires miracles. The only kind the Father can provide. I don’t know if He will answer as I’d like. I have to try. Throw the Hail Mary. So I’m launching. 


Do what

You do

And show

The world

How it’s 


If you’d do me the biggest gift please pray. Thank you for your faithfulness. I saw someone post this, and it hit its target. 

It said:  “Love others as Jesus loves you.  

Thank you



 Breathe in

Breathe out

Stay calm

It’s not worth 

A meltdown


Remind me

Of who 

You are


I’m all 

In my

Own feelings

Tuesday, August 15, 2023


 Thank you all for your wonderful words. They mean so much. As much as writing is a solo pursuit where the point is to provide catharsis for self, I can’t say that your validation doesn’t matter either. I usually don’t like asking, but would you cover me in your prayers. Another day, another doctor. I grateful and yet petrified. The aging process will get you in your emotions. Let me say that I never expected to age so well for the most part. I’m just very aware of it. I really desire answers today, but that’s not up to me. Overthinking and I are very much acquainted in this moment. 



My focus

To Your

Grand plan

And faithful provision

Love yourself and one another

Monday, August 14, 2023


 In 11 years and over 4000 posts later, I decided to go back at them all, and it was an enlightening journey. 

You all have witnessed my years of depression. You all have witnessed the depths of my anger. You all have witnessed my desire to hide in frivolity. It’s when in the past few years that I decided to be truthful that I grew. I decided to go back to my first love. Sharing myself in poetry has shed the shackles. So thank you for being here. 


You showed me

What fruits

Can be had

When our anger

Is quelled

When answering

The call 

You have

For our lives

Friday, August 11, 2023


 Love the ride

It’s the beginning

Of a personal evolution

That leads to growth

In a myriad 

Of ways

Thursday, August 10, 2023


 Thoughts today

I can’t force what I want. I’m being given what I need. What I need is still a mystery to me. I’m having to dig deep. My inner strength is being tested beyond what I ever imagined. I feel like I’m in a grocery store of life reading labels to see what is best for me. God is demanding critical thinking or common sense. Is this cookie going to help you in the long run. It tastes good now, but not even an hour later, your stomach will revolt. Sugar feels good for a moment, then sours. Salt preserves and stands the test of time. I’m to treat my body like salt and light to persevere through the unexpected storms of life. I don’t know if this is the new era of not fighting the inevitable.  Maybe it’s just not being so darn hardheaded. Stubbornness is not a great trait at times. 

Are you trying to be less stubborn or is it just a solo journey?

Wednesday, August 9, 2023



I’m staring at this screen willing the words to come. To flow from my soul and hit my fingertips. I need to go back to when the words you graciously provided were the balm to my soul. And I come here asking for giving me what I need.  Some days, I’m not too sure of what I want or need anymore. So I’m asking You to show me. Show me Your will and way. I’m overthinking, and need the only voice that can soothe the ache that resides within me. I feel a need to be productive. It’s like you’re telling me that rest is productive. You don’t give as the world does, and yet I forget that everyday. I crave success as much as I crave my next sweet treat. In rest, I’m successful. Obedience is success. Reading Your Word today where it says will worry add one hour to my life, it won’t. I know it, and yet too often worry is the first thing I focus on. I’m recognizing that I can’t live without You, just as much as You desire my presence in Yours. 

Be still. It will come. 

Thank you. 




Writer’s block is here. I keep writing anyway. 

Kicking sugar addiction is rough. I crave it. Any suggestions?

Trying to decide what to splurge on for my birthday. Nothing is catching my attention

I’m cranky. Also trying to limit processed foods. 

If it seems like I’m complaining, I’m sorry. 

Love yourself and one another

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


 Let me say when you hear the word lifestyle change, you balk, but let me say I’m trying not to do it. As I get older my body is telling me to listen. My left knee just made the decision easier. So, my friends, I have some questions. 

What is the one piece of advice you wish you’d learned sooner?

What are your favorite healthy meals or salads?

How dd you create your own joy or practice gratitude?

Looking forward to your answers. 

Love yourself and one another

Monday, August 7, 2023


 What are you eating?

What are you buying?

What or who are you praying for?

Are you ready for fall?

What is making you smile?

Saturday, August 5, 2023


 I was asked a question yesterday. The question was what was my favorite part of my birthday. I didn’t immediately have a response. I celebrated my birthday for a whole week. 

Here are my favorites

Some time spent dockside with my brother and sister-in-law. To sit in the breezes and smells while chatting was a simple pleasure I will never forget. Feeling loved without uttering a word was priceless. Feeling protected and secure within their presence is a gift. 

Having a red velvet cake specifically made for me. The beautiful writing of Happy Birthday Regine made my heart swell. I looked at it too many times as I commit it to memory. My sisters and I used to share a birthday cake.  I also wanted to have my own cake as a child, and at forty I wanted to share a cake. 

The ability to celebrate starting seaside, and then changing to mountain peaks was amazing. Going from a rainy sunset cruise to the heights is a blessing. As I looked out at the sunset, I allowed myself to be silent as God shouted. In the mountains, I simply stared at how much I had to be thankful for. 

So here is my hope for forty

I embrace it all. I seek joy. I seek peace. I don’t fight. I just seek options. My energy and peace of mind are to be preserved and paramount to my mental health. Forty. You are to be the blessing that keeps giving. 

Love yourself and one another. 

Friday, August 4, 2023


 What is on your heart today?

What are you reading?

What is making you smile?

All those that need hope

Millie Perez’s newest release

You all

Thursday, August 3, 2023


 As I look back on the birthday celebrations, I’m reminded of several truths


Is the choice

I make

For the health

Of my mind

Body and soul

Are dependent

On prudent choices

I’ve traversed landscapes

From seashores 

To mountaintops

And my thought

Remains the same

The beauty of 

The Lord is in

Physical manifestations


In me

God’s wonder

Is also within

I just fail 

To acknowledge 

The obvious 

Love yourself

And one another

Tuesday, August 1, 2023



Is here


Give me

All of You

As I enter

Uncharted waters