Friday, May 31, 2024

Three things

 Three things

Starting to work on the project in earnest. If you have a favorite place you haven’t mentioned before. Email me please. 

Grateful for my body. It works/.

Grateful for the mundane things. The coffee brewing. My soul relaxing. Good music. 

Your turn. 

Thursday, May 30, 2024


 The flame throwing

Red haired raven

The friend

With fire

In her bones

But kindness

In her soul

Where He 

Makes himself

Known to her

Is a friend

Who prays

And my well being

Is always

On her mind

When God 

Gives you

A friendship

That money

Can’t buy

You lift up

Your praise hands

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


 My favorite trip in the US:  Nantucket

International trip: Assisi, Italy

Favorite recipe: My abuela’s cooking

My favorite authors:  Lucy Sykes Rellie and Plum Sykes

My favorite designers: Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera

Favorite restaurants: The Purple Onion in Saluda NC and Stoneacre Brasserie in Newport, RI

Favorite gems: Emeralds and Sapphires

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


 Watermelon seeds

An ode 

To warmth



Sweet memories


 Some questions for you

Best trip you’ve ever taken?

Favorite recipe?

Favorite book?

Quote that speaks to you?

Best job you’ve held?

Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial Day

 Covered in

The red

White and blue

Draped with 

The stars

And stripes

At Dover

We reunite

For the 

Last time

For your sacrifice 

Reminds me

I won’t 

See your face


In the land

Of the Living 

But your heart

Is ever mine 

To treasure 

Friday, May 24, 2024


 Breathe in

And out 

Release the anger

That simmers

Hot enough

To explode

But be 

Of good courage

And tame

The tongue

Before it

Tames you

Thursday, May 23, 2024


 A few questions

Describe your favorite person?

Describe your favorite place?

Describe your favorite memory?

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


 Gratitude without expectation

I saw the phrase yesterday

I’m grateful for who  posted it

Because my heart

Was starting to get disappointed

Because my head

Wasn’t in the right place

Some days it takes a lot 

To put expectation down

Of ourselves

Of others

Instant gratification 

Feels good

But doesn’t teach much

And in this life

My need to learn

Is more important

Than my desire

To just want

For want’s sake

Love yourself and one another

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 Thank you for championing the project I mentioned in my last post. Sometimes you have to chase the dream, before you lose it. My hope is to have a product that I can be proud to share. It’s in its early stages so please know it may take a bit before I have anything to show for it. Right now, I’m overwhelmed at the response. This teaches me to ask. For every no I receive, I am rewarded with a yes more and more each day. 

Ask and seek

You said it

I accept

And take 

Your Word

As proof

That no hope

Is too silly

As long

As your hands

Approve it

Monday, May 20, 2024


 I guess it’s time to spill the beans. I’ve got a new project going, and I need your help. 

I’m writing a fictional piece using postcards and trinkets people send me to tell their stories. Their hopes and fears. If anyone would like to send me a postcard or trinket that speaks to them. Let me know. If you’re interested in participating email me at If you are already participating just say done. 

Love you all. 


Sunday, May 19, 2024


 On the cloudy days

I remember

The sunny ones

That warmed

My soul

As much

As my skin

In every element

The joy

Of the 

Lord is present

Saturday, May 18, 2024



I welcome you

You come

To cleanse

The dirt


And general malaise

That had


The soul

And battered

The mind


The Son


Come here

And rest

Friday, May 17, 2024

Three things

 Three things

Open heart equals open mind

I’m learning to ask. No is not so scary anymore. Yes may actually be the answer. 

Fear exits as my voice raises

I’m glad you all are willingly here to cheer me on. I’m beyond grateful. Thank you so much. 

What are you weekly wins?

Thursday, May 16, 2024



To the restaurant

As we got caught

In the downpour

Refreshing to 

The soul

The storms

Teach me more

Than sunshine

Ever could

Learning to relish

Seek the joy

Going to 

This new doctor

And seeing patients

In true need

Of relief

Yet being

So happy

Was a sucker punch

And a lesson

Of how

To live

With discomfort


Purple haze

 God answered

Some prayers

After leaving

The doctor’s


I felt

The weight

On my heart


I took 

A deep breath

And learned

It’s all in

The attitude

Surrounded by 

Those purple walls

And plants

I felt a calm

That felt 

Too good

I just let

Myself be

Taken with

Grace’s good fortune

Change doesn’t 

Need to scare

It just teaches

That stagnation

Doesn’t serve

My body anymore

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


 Smelling the scent

Of the deep pink


Spread on

The kitchen table

The aroma

Takes away

The anxiety 

And trouble

For a moment

As I’m grateful

For the flowers’


That with beauty

Comes the thorny 

Issues of life

But it doesn’t 

Detract from

Its utility

To be 


Under stress

New doctor today. Pray that I’ve no fear, and am honest so I can be helped. Thank you. 

Love yourself and one another

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


 It’s wisteria hysteria


Because the 

Purple hue

Regally regales me

In pure reverie

Because my focus

On what

Is freely given

A beauty

Man tries

But rarely 

Ever replicates

If you want 

To be rich

Look out

The front door

It’s where

It’s at

Every day

Feet in the ground

Fingers around 

The flowers

And look up

Into the starry skies

Monday, May 13, 2024



Caress the clavicle

As I lounge

On a chaise

With a martini

And a romance novel

In my hands

As I thumb

Through the pages

A little bichon

Comes to lick

My fingertips

Wondering if treats

Are in my tote

None are found

But now

That face 

Has captured 

My attention

I have never

Met a more darling


Would now

Be snoozing

Between my legs

Sunscreen is 

Best friend

Because I can’t 

Be bothered

The pooch’s

Desires come

Before my own

Funny that’s how

God works too

What a thought

A blissful scene

Brought me back

To the author 

Of it all

Sunday, May 12, 2024


 Pools of blue

As I float

Through the needle 

Of your soul 

Eyes wink 

Back at me

Twirling tongue 


As I go under

As I’m flipping 

Over the inner tube 

Surfacing as taking 

In an inordinate 

Amount of water 

And I can

Just Imagine 

The story 

That will

Be told 

For generations 

To come 

Mother’s Day

 Happy Mother’s Day 

To all of 

The women 

Who show up

Love and protect 

Support and cherish 

And are 

Strength and courage 


I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024


 Sunny day

The clouds part

The joy of 

The Lord


My fears 

And foes

Friday, May 10, 2024


 A gauzy coverup

Shows a cobalt 

One piece

Toned calves

A product of

Yoga and

A stationary bike

The marked difference

In my body

Is bringing

Stability to 

My mind

Outside in

The transformation 

Is not noticed

Until now

When I’m able

To put pen

To paper

My toes

Are stubbed

And dug

Into the sand

Looking down

I marvel

At something

So simple

That gives

The biggest smile



With the 

Father’s creation

Is encapsulating

My toe beds

Thursday, May 9, 2024


 Tornado warning 

Three AM

Not a great 

Wake up call

Put on a 

Gators sweater

To the closet

I went

To huddle

As I was hugged

Rode it out

Took two hours

To fall back asleep

But in that time

God revealed

Some truths

I’d be struggling

With for awhile

And in that moment

I’ve never been 

More grateful

For early days

When what

Is not wanted

Is what is needed

More than

The air 

That is exhaled

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Forest floor

 Standing on

The forest floor

Looking up


The tree tops

The backdrop

For the photo shoot

Standing in

The green satin


With gold chain

And metallic clasp

Around my 

Delicate clavicle

Embracing my own beauty

While relishing 

In His own



 Took a look

At my body

This morning

And for the 

First time

I smile

Despite my condition

I look good

I feel good

Now to get 

My brain

Mind and soul

To get in alignment 

Because wholeness

Is attainable

Not some 

Far fetched



Go to work


My need

To be right

Can you please pray for a special little human very close to me. I’m scared, but know He’s in control as much as my mind would like to fight that very knowledgeable fact. 

Love you all. 

Love yourself and one another

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Crystal concoction


In the finest silk

A rich red hue

A crown

Of crystals

Adorn the sleeves

A faux fur

Covers the collar

And my head

Is topped

With a tiara

Of diamonds

And rubies

My toes

Are in a ballet slipper

The braces

Are not worn

But a cane

Is by my side

Because beauty

Without stability

Brings ill gotten gains

The scene above

Provides a window

Out outward beauty

What life teaches

That when

The soul

Finds light

The body


For faith

Has been 

Set free

To soar

Monday, May 6, 2024

Melt me

The dirt
My refuge
From my
Own head
The red clay
Cakes into 
Like the sweetest
Scented creams
Sweat is a most
Welcome sensation
And walking
In an impromptu
Is the greatest gift
The land
Becomes my therapist
On this cloudy day
Soaking in the elements
In a really sublime way
Melts the worry away



Thank you

You know

I don’t need

To elaborate

Spell it out

Revive my heart

To serve

And seek yours

Strength takes

A toll

I don’t often show

But a yoga session

Relaxed me enough

To step back

And look 

Within self

To find

The words

That are Yours

For me 

To share

With my

Fellow humans

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Love well

 The shower sessions

Where I let the water

Caress my aching muscles

And spend a few minutes

In repose

And reflection

Some days



A blessing

And a burden

The feeling

Of needing

To deliver

Has left me


And dejected

But then

I have to remember

What or who

Do I write for

Is it my own

Glory or His

If no fame came

To my name

For this gift

Would God

Still be well pleased

With me

And I have to trust

And believe

Without doubt

That He would

Search my heart

And motives

O Lord

Make me 

The creation

The daughter

You know

And love well

Friday, May 3, 2024


 A little sunshine

Some new tunes

A little yoga

And my 

Soul sings

Getting out

Of my own head

One move

At a time

Because I’m 

Too blessed

Not to enjoy

The gifts


In front

Of my face

And I haven’t 

Paid enough


To holding onto

The joy

Of ordinary


That is medicinal

As it is


To daily contentment

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Repair man


As I sit

In silence

The only

Thing I hear

Are harmonies 


And lyrics

Praising Your name

It’s the calm

To the restlessness

That is ever present

What you want

Isn’t something

I’ve been willing

To give you

Until my arse

Has hit the floor

You want all

Of me

Not just 

The parts

That need fixing

Your not the repairmen

You’re  the Heavenly Father

And all of me

Is trusting

That I can

Make amends

For the error

Of my ways



Five letters

So much meaning 

Let me believe

That You

Work it all

For my good

And that nothing

Is lost

Please remind me

I’m not too late

To the party

For you to 

To bless me

To grant me

The desires

Of my heart

As the beautiful lady

I see on Saturdays

Tells me

That she has

Shoes in her closet

Older than me

You give me

Living angels

To remind me

Hope is at the corner

Of lost and searching

Love finds me

In the depths

Of what

I’ve yet

To figure out

Wednesday, May 1, 2024


 For Your eyes

Have met mine

What is seen

Is not 

For me

To know




The waves

Of faith

As if 

I were 

A female Kelly Slater

On Oahu’s 

North Shore

Ocean’s expanse

Spread out

For infinite measure

Is to remind

This mere human

How much more

Is left to learn

Once the thought

That the answer

Has been found

Until the

Realization hits

Only the surface

Has been scratched

And preconceived notions

Are scrapped

On the cutting room


The joy of being clueless

Holds an allure

So that I continue

To find joy

In what is

Not known