Thursday, May 23, 2024


 A few questions

Describe your favorite person?

Describe your favorite place?

Describe your favorite memory?


  1. Oh, wow. How do you pick a favorite?

    Describe your favorite person? Both of my kids.

    Describe your favorite place? Here. Home. Back deck.

    Describe your favorite memory? Marrying my husband. He is my favorite person too! 🙂

  2. Favorite Person: I have a hard time answering this. My parents. My hubby. My kids.
    Favorite Place: Any place where our family can gather together. Also church.
    Favorite Memory: Gosh, I don't know where to begin. Our wedding day/honeymoon, birth of our children, hubby being ordained to the ministry.

  3. Favorite Person, would be my very handsome blue eyed hunk, not so tall, bald husband, who I have been in love with for 55 years:)
    My favorite is Canon Beach in Oregon, waves crashing so loud around you that it is like the beating of your heart but louder, much louder, salt spray in the air, sand between your toes, trees growing with the wind, watching for for ships or an amazing sunset amongst the Sea Rocks:)
    Favorite Memory...I have too think on that one...not our wedding day for sure as it was planned for us and not what we wanted which was a simple outdoor Fall wedding with just family and a few friends. WE got Winter 20 below zero and over 250 guests and lots of hoopla.

  4. My favorite person which is my husband is kind, loves me and respects me.
    My favorite place is home.
    My favorite memory is our wedding in Vegas with just us.
    Hope you are well my friend. Thank you for always being lovely to me <3

  5. my favorite person is honest, kind and humble
    my favorite place is my home
    my favorite memory is my wedding and giving birth to my 2 sons

    i enjoyed this, it was very thought provoking!!

  6. Humble, kind, generous - my husband
    Cozy, safe, surrounded by nature - my home
    Sweet memories of family togetherness

  7. Sometimes generous, sometimes unkind, sometimes funny, always authentically herself.

    Favorite place in my day to day life….down by the creek where I sit with my collies….favorite place to visit…Disney World

    Favorite memory…the day my daughter was born

  8. Favourite person - someone who can listen well, accept me where I am at, and can make me laugh
    Favourite place - Dunedin (NZ) I would go there again at the drop of a hat
    Favourite memory - Standing on top of the Southern Alps, cruising Milford Sound i.e. being a tourist in my own country

  9. Describe your favorite person? Oh, he liked adventure and could take me to places I would never think to go. I liked his bravery and always felt safe on our summers together many moons ago.

    Describe your favorite place? A heyloft where I used to play. It was majestic and I wasn't afraid of heights then.

    Describe your favorite memory? That 4th when were at the park and there were worlds of food on the potluck tables. We came in last in the race where are legs were tied together, but it didn't matter. It was the perfect night out. They don't make those events anymore.

  10. My favorite people would definitely be my family, but there is not a favorite among them.
    My favorite place used to be at the beach, but now it is wherever I can be with my granddaughter.
    My favorite memory? It is a changeable feast of whatever the last thing I remembered that made me laugh.

  11. Favorite Person...definitely my hubby
    Favorite used to be a B & B we would go to in Virginia (but it is now closed) It still brings great memories to me.
    and also the days that my daughter was born and my grandchildren.