Wednesday, February 28, 2024




The temple

That is mine

Is an exercise

I’m attending to

These days

Please pray my body holds. Fighting some issues I can’t really explain. Trying to stay grateful. Patient in affliction takes on new meaning each day. 

Love you all. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024



Wake me up

Infuse caffeine

And mix it

With some 


And gratitude

Monday, February 26, 2024


 What I need 

From you

Is peace

What you want

From me

Is trust

Who moves first

Determines the result

That means

I trust

Even when

I’m towing

The line

Sunday, February 25, 2024


 Taking the time

To savor the coffee

Smell the roses

And revel

In the frivolity

Of a good book

Friday, February 23, 2024


 Let my words

Not merely be words

What you see

Is what is gotten

Not some carefully

Crafted creation

Tried conforming

Lost myself

Off the cliff

Of indifference

Which left

Me reeling

Like a flapping

Fish hooked

In the gills

Thursday, February 22, 2024


The greatest regret

Squandered talent

Denied or otherwise

Words become real

As You give

Me license

To create

A world

Only dreams

Could have

Made me believe



Is deception

And I’ve 

Been the master

Of my own

For too long

What price

Have I paid

For my own

Foolish ambition

I have not

Valued my soul

Well at all

Destroyed my peace

For an earthly possession 

That couldn’t keep

My heart happy



In your nothingness

For when its done

You’ll have everything

Wednesday, February 21, 2024



When the rope

Is at its end

You tug

It back

To center

Knot it up

And anchor 

It on steady ground

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


 The richness

Of savory gnocchi

Surrounded by spinach

And butternut squash

Melt in a combination

Of food saturated

In a flavor

That radiates


Of an evening

Where the wind

Whips around

The mountain

With a chill

That shears 


With impunity

The wind

Is You

Where you display


With a flicker

Of an icy fire

That roars within


 The mountain

Covers me

Protects and shades

Me from harsh realities


I’m able

To face

The fire


Learning truth
Is best 
No matter what
No regrets
As sleep
Is peaceful
And deep
Mind and soul
Align in rest

Saturday, February 17, 2024



You are teaching me to not be afraid to ask. No is not a rejection. No is a not yet. It’s I have better. It’s not in your best interest. I’ve been drowning, and now I’m surfacing. That alone is a blessing. 

The pain

Not wasted

Not in vain

All a part

Of the process

To get out of me

And into

The present


The promise

Is alive and well

Friday, February 16, 2024


 What you learn

When you’re not looking 

Is the most magical gift

I’m now willing 

To receive 


 What are you reading?

What is bringing you joy?

Favorite purchase this week?

Tell me something good that happened to you?

Give a compliment to a stranger

Thursday, February 15, 2024


 Flexing the toes

Up and down

Around and around

Activating flexibility

And strength

Within the body

Letting joy 

Through quiet

Become the norm

Wednesday, February 14, 2024


 Shifting into

Seas of grace

Where I’m cocooned

In a love

That cascades

From spine

To metatarsal

And massages

The membranes

With soothing caresses

Though the ocean roar

Calm is present

Where presence

Meets the present


 Walking down

The drive


As my soul unwinds

Finding the time

To take my pup

For a walk

And a respite

For my restless

Mind as well

It might be cold

But the shiver

Is worth it

If my mental state

Is given time

To be still

In a world

That only delivers


Tuesday, February 13, 2024


 Let the wind

Carry you

The waves 

Buffer you

The rock

Be the buttress

Be at peace

If not

Find creation

Until your own

Can satisfy

Monday, February 12, 2024


Taking a stroll
Down the mountain pass
Seeking the birds flying
High above
In majestic formation

In the heights
Worry melts
And peace
Is as readily available
As the living water
He has 
For his beloveds


When the words
Don’t come
Let my heart
Be the compass
To the thoughts
I cannot speak
Lead me to the place
Where Your love
Is all I find
As I seek forgiveness
And acceptance
In the Hands
That formed
What I see

In the torrent of rain
Reawaken my soul
To the joy
That comes
When I’m 
Wholly reliant
On Your Power
To allow me
To see life
As it is
Even if
I struggle
To grapple
With its goodness

Search me
Find me willing
To love others
Even when
I question
The benefit

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Distorted distraction


You’re speaking. Am I listening?  You keep telling me to guard my heart. What I want is not in line with who you are. Yet my self will is running like a cheetah at full speed. The songs I’m listening to on repeat are reminding me that what I want will not satisfy me. I know it, and yet I still desire what is so unhealthy. This habit is one of the hardest to break. As my therapist has advised, I’m human. Habits don’t break in days. It’s a choice to put one foot in front of the other, list my gratitude, and take breaks from worldly influences. If you must, turn off the tube, blast music and write until the keys cease working. Nourish the soul, cultivate your creativity and know that no one is you. The prism in which you see yourself must shift so patterns are broken. 


It’s me

My thoughts

Must be altered 

So my view

Is not 

A distorted distraction


 Sink into the arms

That won’t let

Me sink

But float


I’m ready

To swim

And face

The sharks

Racing the tides

And undercurrents

Friday, February 9, 2024



And cute

The chocolate melts

As the tongue

Takes in

The delicious

Buttery and flaky

French pastry

Taking a mental holiday

Relishing the joy

That can be found

In carbohydrates

Thursday, February 8, 2024


 The gravel

Hits my sneaks

And I sink

In silence

As the soundtrack

Is a James Taylor

Playlist in rewind

As I revisit

A favorite artist

Whose voice

Puts me

In a melodic state

Seek that 

Fuels the fire



To know 

When to 

Savor the rain

Dog day


From the dog




Look cute

Be loved

And treat 

Every empty space

As a new place

To make

Your luxurious oyster

What a life


Dart around

As if the cat

Is your prey

Have your master

Praise you

And then find

The biggest oak

To be your reprieve 

From a warm

Winter day

Wednesday, February 7, 2024


 The shadows illuminate

The light

The vision

That is

The image

Of the deity

In me

Imploring my soul

To let in

The aroma

Of strength

And purity

In refinement

I’m where

I need to be


The vehicle

He has chosen

To make 

His omnipotence

Known to billions

In using this human

Who finds her being


Yet God

Says otherwise




What a privilege

An honor

That exceeds

A lifetime



Off the scraps

Of sugar

Being truthful

Is the only 

Way to authenticity

And honesty

With the deity

How many lies

Have I told you

We have this 


Too often

It seems

Getting real

Is costing me

Sleep and sanity


The year

Life decided

To teach me

When to take

The hits

And when

To give them back

Tuesday, February 6, 2024



The sweet song

Of surrender


When the act

Of being comfortable

In your own company

Is all that is sought

Lessons’ blessings


Every time 

I say never

You say

Think again

What I 


Was in 

The rear view

Is in

My permanent


And acceptance

That life

Is never fair


Don’t apply

To all

Is a teachable moment

I now think 

On daily

As I take

The lesson

As a blessing

Monday, February 5, 2024



Willing stillness

To seep

Into veins

Like the sweetest



In whip cream



In these bones

Is there

I just deny

The obvious

Every day


I still question

If ability

Is enough

In a society

That craves


The struggle

Is to not


The mirror’s


Sunday, February 4, 2024

The deity and the child

Just on the phone with a friend who was imploring me to celebrate myself for all my accomplishments when I said “I’m just me, and I don’t even know who me is.” I’m starting to think I’ll find her when I stop searching for her. 

Searching for Regine
Only leads
To malaise
Finding her
Is only
When she embraces
The mystery
Her very 
Which holds
Keys that 
The handcuffs
She’s allowed 
To hold
The thoughts
That slowly 
The spirit
In the innermost location
Not known
To ordinary man
The world
Corrupts not
The enemy 
This child 
Is her own self

Saturday, February 3, 2024


 Taking it back

Paper and pen

To a girl

Of thirteen

Who saw

Life as an adventure

To be shared

Bring back

Me at thirteen

To show

A forty year old

How to believe

In miracles again


 Finding hope

In each day

Is the journey

I’m now on



Is the road

To joy


The destination

To contentment

The desire 

Of my very

Elemental soul

Friday, February 2, 2024



Is a daily choice

A decision

To champion

The creation

That is me

If all humankind

Can find

Me lovable

I need to find

The desire 

To do

The same

Song of the day

Consumed by Fire  First Things First


 Tell me something good that happened this week?

What made you smile?

What’s on your heart?

What are you praying for?

What is making you peaceful?

Thursday, February 1, 2024


 Vitamin D

Came to visit

And the depression

Festering in my soul

Took a detour

And now

I am

Following my nephew’s lead

And eating sorbet

Straight from

The bucket

For lunch



What are you doing to me?  All I see is the sin that makes me so ashamed, and yet you show me that not all is lost. Every day someone comes here to remind me that they cherish the beauty in me. They see what I won’t. What do you want me to see?  What is it that is so important?

Show me

Let me be


To follow through

With your command