Thursday, May 16, 2013

What would you do?

If money were no object for you?  I ask because of the big Powerball jackpot.  475 million dollars!  Enough to feed a small nation.  Of course I would traverse Europe, save some and give some away.  But would money change me?  Would I become like those in 1 Timothy 6:10- For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.  Would my eagerness for money have me wander from the faith with all kinds of griefs as the verse continues to say.
What would you do with the money?  And would it change you?
Would love to hear!


  1. Ooooooh I would travel more, too!
    And pay off my pesky student loans :(


  2. Funny, I was telling someone last night that if I fell into a money pit, I would put more water stops along the recreational trails here in Omaha. I'd also get the student loan monkies off my back and probably set my siblings up for all the college they wanted.

    It's interesting to me how that scripture talks about the "love of money," not necessarily the money itself. Because you can love money more than you love God regardless of how much you have or don't have.

  3. To whom is given much, much is expected. I am not sure I want the responsibility of that much money.

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  5. I was just watching a talk show today and they asked the same question. I like to think that money wouldn't change me. Have you seen that post on Pinterest, "Dear God, All I ask is that you give me the chance to prove that winning the lottery won't change me."? lol

  6. For one thing pay all the bills we have. thanks for posting a comment on my blog! :)

  7. Hello Regine....Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting, too.

    Ahhhhh, to answer your questions.

    What would I do with all the money? Well, pay off our house and our kids' houses. Set up a trust fund for my granddaughter's education. Replace all our cars. Help all my nieces and nephews with their bills.

    Then, set up a dental clinic for poor people. Right now, there's nothing but pulling teeth out. It's disgusting.

    Then I'd start helping the children in Central America. Probably more dental clinics. And start cooperatives with crafts so women in third world countries could make things and sell them to help their families.

    Let's see. Travel around the world with my hubs. Offer same trip to our kids.

    Would money change me? Probably, because I'd be so HAPPY to be able to help thousands of people! Susan

  8. I saw something about the Powerball jackpot on the news today - crazy! Firstly, I would pay off my student loans, go to grad school, take an amazing vacation with my husband and baby and then donate the rest. Wouldn't it be amazing to have that much money to give away??

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  9. I would definitely use it to travel around the world with family/friends and I would donate some to my favourite charities. Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way :)


  10. I would give most of it to family, put my niece through college also buy her a car and use some to start a buisness. Great question!

  11. I would use it to make a difference in people's lives.


  12. Hi dear!! Thank you for your comment on my blog!!

  13. I would move some where sunny and start blogging from a nice warm beach instead!

    Natalie @

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  15. I heard about this lottery amount! It's insane! Hmmm, I'd definitely donate a healthy amount to charity, I mean who needs all that amount of money anyway?
    I'd also make sure those in need, be it friends or family live comfortably too, or any related situations be well cared for.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I would fly all my best friends out to Fiji. Buy my parents and grandparents new houses. Donate to my charity of choice. Etc. :)