Thursday, July 18, 2013

Worry wort

On this Thursday in July in this scorching Carolina heat, I am ready to say that I am the world's worst worrier or so it seems.  It it can be worried about, I will do it.  God tells me in Philippians to 'be anxious for nothing'. I seem to do the opposite of this daily!  I am not proud of this, frankly it irritates me.  It seems like I don't truly believe He can take my worry, my pain, my struggle away.  I don't doubt His ability, I just want a control I can't have.  I feel so ashamed to admit this, this sinful blemish of mine.
My faith needs exercising.  ASAP!

Song of the day- 'One Life to Love' by 33 Miles

God Bless,


  1. Hello Regine,

    My prayers be with you dear friend. It seems like the evil trying hard to steal our joy recently...stay close to God. He's the best defense.


  2. Something that I like to do is remind myself of how much God has already blessed me and the many times He has lead me in my life. When I'm reminded of how good He is, it's difficult to doubt his grace. Best of luck during your difficult time! :)

  3. i'm guilty of this too. I think it's because i'm a bit of a control freak!

    I agree with Stephanie - there are times when I have to stop and just say Thank You. in the midst of the nonsense, worries and thing I 'think' I lack, God has done more than enough.

    you can't stop worrying permanently; it's how some of us are. but once in while, Let Go and Let God x

  4. I have been where you are at I want to insure you that you can over come this battle with the Lords help. It takes time and willingness to find the source of the worry button.

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