Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When reality stings

This week has been an interesting one.  I keep deleting posts if enough people don't read them or comment.  I feel lazy, not posting pieces I can feel good about.  I'm wanting instant gratification.  I am wanting to feel good.  Misery loves company...I'm not miserable, I just want things the way I want them.  Control, something I want restrains.  Retraining my brain is a daily exercise.  Thinking for me is not a good thing for me.
Not a proud moment.  Reality doesn't bite, it just stings.
I know it doesn't make sense, but right now I know I just need to write.


  1. Y'know what? That's what a blog is really for... hope you feel better after you vent.

  2. I like that imagery of reality stinging compared to biting.