Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the tears

i took a personality test based on my name from Joanna's blog, and I will say it was accurate, and yet it depressed me.  Yes, i do try to be an optimist, and hide all that upsets me.  i wonder if the assessment is true, or if I'm giving credence that is just an opinion.  I guess in life, I don't want to have to have regrets or wonder what if.  I have to wonder if Cerebral Palsy didn't kill me, the assessment of a test will either.
Some facts about me:  I have a love slash hate relationship with compliments.
Strength for me is sometimes a facade that feels very real.
The less I say the more I want to say.
Simplicity scares me.
The cliche of life is that life will make you question everything you ever thought to know.
I hide because success scares me more than failure.
What the secret of life?  The secrets aren't a secret/

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