Thursday, December 17, 2015

His child

Yesterday, I spent some time with someone dear to me, and I was reminded of some things.
1.  Being around good people makes all the difference
2.  Having a discussion is good for the soul.
3. I am not responsible for others' happiness.
4. Love is key

I am blessed. Every day I live, I'm a success. Waiting on God is a painful exercise of faith.  I can't give up on dreams, they rob God of his Omnipotence and my faith in Him.  If I give up, I'm robbing God.  I'm okay with disappointing self, but God, it's not negotiable.

When I was born in this country, I won the lottery.  It pains me to think of what life could've been had this not been.  How far I've come?  It's remarkable.  Remembering the pain is a necessary evil for me.  It reinforces my thankfulness, it fuels the fire of who I need to be.
I bought a bangle yesterday.  It reads:  Blessed

Two of the places I've been blessed to see are Washington, D.C. and Assisi, Italy.
The nation's capital used to give me hope, now it just brings me cynicism.  I need to believe that the capital of the nation I love, can be a nation under God.  Where our legal tender, with its In God we trust means something.  Where we stand firm, yet love one another.
Assisi, Italy- The country I most wanted to visit as a teen.  As I walked into that town, walked into that church, heard the music play, and let myself feel the love of the God.  After walking out and finding a German father, who was not an American because he spoke English, yet reassuring us because we could understand him was a blessing.

Venice was a close second because it's a place I originally didn't want to visit, and yet it was one of my favorites.

I have two dreams on my heart, but I will not let them go.  I need to trust God will fulfill the desires of my heart.

I hope that God will give you what you need.


  1. Beautiful post. Love the reminders.


  2. Assisi, Italy, how nice that you got to visit there, Regine. I would love to see Rome someday. Thank you for the last two things that you said. They remind me to not give up on my dreams.

    Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

    (yes, love is the key.....always).