Sunday, May 15, 2016


I went back to the church that has held wonderful memories, to the church in which I first acknowledged my need for a love no man could provide.  As I allowed myself to sing and be present, I let myself be real.  There was a point on humility.  I don't really remembered where He said He got the definition, but I'm poaching it.  Humility is accepting who you really, really are.  You want to cut like a knife, a razor blade.  That was a steep, but quick cut.
Accepting who I really am.
Here goes...
I eat for fuel, not for enjoyment. Saw this in a magazine, and I got it.
Accepting life for me means no instant gratification.
I am good at being bitter, but not showing it.
Christ saved me on my date of profession of faith, but He saves me every day.
Life takes work.

If I live the Ephesians 4 life, this is what it comes to.
When you allow God to be in you, the world can change, because you have.

I'm not Gandhi, Aristotle or anyone else, I'm me.

God Bless,


  1. Always pray...Lord change me all circumstances ... and you will be so very happy and surprised what the lord will do in your life :) Good things ahead for you my friend.

  2. Keep saying prayers, friend. :)