Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday

It's Giving Tuesday, and I wish I could give to Cerebral Palsy foundations. What I can't give monetarily, I'm raising awareness. An awareness I wanted badly to deny. I wanted to wish away Cerebral Palsy. God finally said no more. I could no longer live the lie I wanted to be true. It amazes me how many don't know what CP is. I continue to fight the fight I didn't want, but God said I called you to it, and I will get you through it.


  1. Thank you Regine.

    Raising awareness and acceptance is important and it will please God.

    "Fight the fight you didn't want".

    "I called you to it and I will get you through it".

  2. I had a cousin that lived with CP. It's a fight he didn't want but she made it through to the end.

  3. At my old church, there was a sweet lady with CP. She was always volunteering at the church and she gave the best hugs. She moved out of the CA around the time we moved and I miss her terribly!

  4. Praying for God to help you through it, Regine. Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. I think you are doing a very good job of raising awareness. (((HUGS)))

  6. It's very special that you are teaching people about Cerebral Palsy on your blog. It helps them.....and you. Thank you, Regine.


  7. Hi, dropping by since things have settled down for now lol..