Wednesday, February 7, 2018


I'm wondering. Someone once said I made CP look easy. Is it hard for people to see the pain and discover if I mask it well..almost too well. And I really never gave it too much thought. I'm trying to live, and not think too much. Thinking can send me into a place I really don't want to go. Is it that I make CP look easy?  Thoughts?


  1. It's because other people think that disability is hard ... irretrievably hard.

    And living in other people's bodies.

    You might easily say that normality is easy/hard and you have an unique insight into how easy or hard it can be ... one you share with other people who have CP or another disability or marginalisation.

    When people say something "looks easy" it can mean that they have a desire for it. Or that you are part of the set of lives that they can identify with and/or relate to with some effort.

    I think people don't tend to see the effort which comes with many lives.

  2. I don't think you make it look easy at all. I hear in your words a good deal of struggle that you try, every day, to combat with faith and moving forward. In fact, if I didn't know someone else personally with CP, I would have no idea what this disease is like for you physically and only the emotional turmoil. Through Eric's eyes, I saw the physical challenges; though yours, the emotional ones. The whole picture is one of great challenge and courage. Nothing easy about it.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a lovely comment about the art there. Made me smile!

  3. No, I do not think so. I think you are a brave person who concentrates on what is important for you and you do not feel sorry for yourself. I admire your courage in struggle with CP in your particular experience. Nothing easy here.

    I think that often when we label something (somebody, a situation) as "easy" when objectively it is not, it is a kind of (over?)concentration on one's own problems and it may be also a (subconscious) call for help.

    Anyway, I have not been visiting your blog for long, but definitely I don't have a feeling that you make CP easy...

    Thanks for this place in the blogland :)

  4. What an interesting question. Generally, I hear that phrase "he/she makes _____ look easy" in athletic competitions. With Winter Olympics, for example, ice skaters make beautiful movements "look easy" because they have worked very hard for an incredibly long time to master a specific set of skills. Regine - I don't know you well enough to have an answer to your question, but I think I would consider "you make CP look easy" a compliment. I see it as recognition of hard work and determination to master a specific set of skills. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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