Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Prayer request

I've let fear reign and faith flee. You are reading it correctly. I'm not living. I'm existing. Anxiety has been normal for me. Growing has more pain than I thought. I'm not joyful. So when I ask if you have prayer requests, I'm making mine now. Would you pray that God rules and faith reigns in my heart. May I have faith to believe in the One who gave me hope over 10 years ago.
Thank you.
Regine Karpel


  1. I have said a prayer for you, Regine, while visiting with you today. : )

  2. Por supuesto que si Regine. La esperanza es lo Ășltimo en perder.

  3. Absolutely, Regine. Prayers for all you ask, and for joy, too.

  4. Remember Elijah... and keep hold.

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