Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tell me

Where you live?
Best part about living there?
If I went there, what would I find?
What souvenir or memory would I bring back?


  1. Oh! My Goodness!
    I live in Dorset a southern county
    in the UK, near the coast/sea...!

    It's in the country, woods, trees, grass,
    river, fresh air...!

    Plenty of open space, historical villages,
    churches, farms..the list is endless...!

    Souvenir of happiness! And the memory of ME! :o).
    ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

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  2. Yes they are really delicious =) Greatings

    I live in Bavaria and I love it <3 :D

  3. France
    Weather & food
    beautiful nature and a lot of historical monuments
    such a thought that you will want to go back there :-)

  4. I live in a very tiny rural town in East Tn
    We keep to ourselves & we're very quiet
    A lot of cows and empty buildings
    We are very close to numerous tourist attractions and lakes so souvenirs you can bring home anything from moonshine to lovely memories of sunsets on the lake.

  5. Poland, great food that you would never forget and beautiful architecture abd views ☺

  6. I live in a small rural town in Arizona between Prescott and Phoenix

    I love the quietness and people here are genuinely friendly

    You'd find lots of antelope, elk and deer or you might find javelin. They look similar to a boar and are mean
    You would find Bill's Pizza, Granite Dell's, snow in the winter and if you went a couple of hours from here you'd find the Grand Canyon

    Memories of our beautiful state, a lovely visit with our family

  7. I live in a southern state.
    warm temperature is the best part.
    sure, off course you are very please to visit.
    You can enjoy delicious foods

  8. I live in Alabama in a suburban town
    The best thing about living here is I am 2 minutes form my elderly mother.
    You would find it is not flat. For some reason everyone thinks Alabama is a flat state.
    If you came in the summer you would remember that it is really hot and very humid.
    If you came in the winter you would remember you might need a coat one day but could wear shorts the next.

  9. I'll tell you two places.

    Where you live? Winter, Lansing, MI / Summer, Otsego Lake in Gaylord, MI

    Best part about living there? Winter -- the people are wonderful and it's easy to get around / Summer -- having a lake right outside my door!

    If I went there, what would I find? Winter -- Lansing isn't much but we have a lovely university and great theatre community Summer -- you would find water (I love); golf courses (I don't really care about those) and loads of people (which I try to avoid!

    What souvenir or memory would I bring back? From Lansing? That's a good question -- I'm not sure. From the lake? Probably the big thing people take home is fudge!

  10. Memphis

    To quote Elvis, "Everything."

    Music-related activities and friendly people and BBQ.

    I hope you'd take home memories of watching the sun set over the Mighty Mississippi River.

  11. I live in Maryland, you can go from the mountains to the ocean. We have a little bit of everything here. Crab cakes are the best. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend ahead.

  12. California

    we have the mountains, the ocean, sunshine, rain, and snow.

    housing is expensive, but so many things to see and do.

    something from Disneyland!

  13. Portugal.
    The sun.
    Friendly people.
    Memorie of the good food!

  14. Finland.
    More than 100 000 lakes.
    I hope memories of shy but friendly people.

  15. the new jersey shore
    the ocean and the farmland
    shells and sea glass!!!

  16. Perth, Australia
    The weather, the beaches, friendly people and black swans
    A modern and clean city
    Memories of koalas and kangaroos

  17. SC
    You would find that it is HOT!
    There's trees everywhere, and it's super green.
    Lots of memories from scenic spots and friendly people.

  18. California
    You would find it's HOT
    There are palm trees and nut trees everywhere
    Your visit with me.

    Have a great day, Regine. ♥

  19. Louisiana
    Poboy and jambalaya
    Alligator and Saints NOLA souvenirs

  20. NYC
    It has everything!
    Good food and lots to keep you entertain
    Memories of a Broadway show and a fun t-shirt

  21. I live in the soy capital of the world.
    It's fairly quiet.
    Lot's of Mexican restaurants.
    Corn husks.

  22. I live in the bush capital of my country. The best thing abour living here? Native wildlife in our gardens. And never more than half an hours drive away.

  23. ...Rochester, NY.
    ...the four seasons.
    ...lots of fun things and friendly people.
    ...memories of a small town with a BIG heart.

  24. West Michigan - 25 minutes from Lake Michigan. Beautiful in all 4 seasons. Grand Rapids is 25 minutes in the other direction so we can choose city or country. You would find lots of water - big and little lakes, trees, flowers, farms, friendly people with a good work ethic!
    What a fun post!

  25. Wichita, KS, the largest city in the state.
    There's lots to see and do that is free.
    You would find urban, suburban, and rural.
    Memories of the good times you had while visiting.

    Thanks for these.

  26. Easternmost part of Michigan
    The blue river that reaches across to Canada.
    Hmmm a souvenir would be the friendly people that you would meet here.

  27. Illinois, on the other side of the river from St. Louis Missouri.
    Big City is close, but can be in farm country very soon.
    Many things to do and see.

  28. Jakarta, Indonesia
    The weather & food
    You need to visit Bali
    Beautiful memory about the beautiful nature


  29. Thanks a lot :D


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  30. I love this! The comments are fun too!
    Where you live? Florida
    Best part about living there? beautiful weather
    If I went there, what would I find? horse farms
    What souvenir or memory would I bring back? a t shirt with a horse on the front!

  31. Far NW Chicago Burbs
    Everything but the winters
    Small house, big garden, lots of laughs-we don't take ourselves to seriously
    You would bring back a full-tummy, and sore sides from laughing

    What souvenir or memory would I bring back?

  32. i live in the mountains in Southern California - about 5000 ft elevation - lowest mountain town in this range as you go up to Big Bear and Green Valley Lake which is almost 7000 - and we go there a lot. I like living here because of othe beauty - lakes, pine trees incense cedar trees, small towns and so so peaceful most of the time. If you came here you would see our beautiful Lake Gregory that we walk the shoreline quite often, as we do Lake Arrowhead,, and big Bear Lake. You would bring back a rustic treasure of some sort - possibly a windchime made out of spoons to a 4 ft carved bear out of a tree.

  33. I live in New Jersey.
    Best part (no jokes, please!) - Close to NYC and the ocean.
    You'd find a lot of suburban neighborhoods and shopping malls. Not too interesting in the immediate area!
    You'd bring back saltwater taffy from a ride "down the shore" as we say here in NJ, and sore feet from walking all over NYC, which you'd drive to for the day. You'd have eaten the best pizza anywhere (save for Italy), Jersey corn and tomatoes, and authentic bagels.

  34. Houma, Louisiana.
    Awesome food and friendly people
    You'd find festivals galore, gators on the road, and swamps
    Mardi Gras Beads!

  35. I live in Butler, PA, about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh and the best part of living here is that I've been here 35 years and can find my way home, the post office and church. This is considered the birth place of the Jeep and we have the Guinness record for the most jeeps in a jeep parade. What could you take home? I have a rascally Pembroke Welch Corgi...

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