Tuesday, March 31, 2020


May I pray
For you
I asking
That my
Inadvertent touches
Lead to no
No request
Is too petty
If I can’t
In small
I can’t do
It in abundance


  1. Ah indeed lets all pray for the same : )

    Ah love this look! You look great :)

    Allie of

  2. Keep safe!!


  3. You can pray for the parents of children whose schools are closed. They are now homeschool parents and some may be struggling with patience. For those of us who homeschooled our children it's a no brainer. We can offer advice on not to go crazy.

    1. Oops! That should say, "on how not to go crazy".

    2. I'm just starting to offer a free on-line Torah study for children, during this time of schools being closed to give homeshcool parents a respite, and to give children an intro to Torah!! Prayerfully if you know of anyone who might be interested !!

  4. Wonderful prayer. I too have been adding the codicil to my prayers about inadvertently passing anything to anyone else.

  5. Well, you can say a prayer for my family. And I thank you so very much. : )


  6. Pray for the coronavirus to go away soon...thank you R. ❤💗❤

  7. Pray that I keep the "Peter rules" I use to guide me in play

  8. Please pray for Lex, Regine. Thank you so much.

  9. My great nephew just got his nursing certificate and is already thrown into the ICU to work.

  10. I think the whole world needs to be blanketed in prayers right now :(

  11. Pray that, as the world continues in turmoil, that we be healed, spirit, soul and body. As many have request similar, as we pray in unity there is power
    Stay safe

  12. Podemos juntar as mãos numa prece para que a vida esteja sempre do nosso lado.
    Muita saúde. Beijo.

  13. Pray that we all will stay safe and the pandemic will be over soon. Take care.

  14. Nothing is too small to pray about as God listens to them all. I think we're all praying that this virus runs its course sooner than later.

  15. Please add prayers for us and for all who are doing their bet to stay safe and well. And for those who have lost those they love. And for those whose work is essential in these trying days -- the medical personnel, the grocery workers, the post, the truck drivers bringing food, so many more.

  16. I think, perhaps...our prayers are the only things that can save us now.
    So, here's praying with you...however we can!😊😊

    Stay safe!

    Hugs xxx

  17. Beautiful poem.

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  18. A beautiful poem!
    Happy start of April , take good care of you!

    Susi xxx

  19. Palavras que descrevem o que se passa.
    E saliente o medo que nos consome hoje em dia.
    Um abraço de luz.
    Saúde e muita paz.
    Megy Maia🌈

  20. It is scary times. Hope you're staying safe over there


  21. Fab poem hun.


  22. Prayer is so wonderful,
    we can do it from where we are,
    prayers reach near,
    prayers reach far!!
    Prayers are something we can share,
    we can send them anywhere!

    Praise God!
    He hears our prayers!!
    May you be blessed and kept safe in His loving arms!!
    May you stay out of reach of all sickness or harm!

    Thank you Jesus You are the LORD who Heals!
    Already you are restoring what the enemy steals!!

    Blessings and love, love and blessings! Forever our God is good and His mercy endures forever!!

  23. Amen to everything you have said here. God bless all who visit with all He has for us in our beautiful Lord Jesus.

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