Saturday, September 5, 2020

Pinky power

 Closet full

Of clothes 


And baggage 

I told myself 

I dealt

It was dealing me

Pandemic unpacked 

The scars

I refused 

To address 

Sit down

And sort

The piles

Of anger


And doubt

The job 

Needs doing

So I can 


The power

That’s in

Your pinkies


  1. i read through twice, were you planning a trip?? or do you just need to clear thing out?? clever words like these often sail right over my head!! sorry!!

  2. I can relate ~ lovely poetry of the 'human condition' ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. "Pandemic unpacked". My life didn't change much but enough to show me what unneeded baggage I have and to understand why I miss what I do.

  4. Very nice! Have a good week end! Kiss

  5. Deep thoughts... wonderfully written ❤

  6. A thinkers post for sure. This plandemic has caused a lot of grief in people. Some friends just bought a megaphone to talk to their loved one through the window of the nursing home. It ought not be.

    Bless you!

  7. Es lo que todos debiéramos hacer! Despojarnos del peso del pasado para poder vivir plenamente hoy. Un beso

  8. I feel like I had less time for things like this in iso as I had to entertain the kids, but it was such a fun kind of busy being with the kids so much that I really didn't mind!

  9. Being forced to stop often makes up face the things we would rather not. With Him we can do this!
    Stay safe

  10. So much more than decluttering. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. All the best to your writing!

  11. Pandemic has done that to a lot of us. But you are strong. You will deal.

  12. Esta pandemia nos ha quitado muchas cosas. Se ha llevado hasta seres queridos. Teniendo trabajo se está mas entretenido a pesar del desastre que está causando. Muchas palabras sueltas al aire, como al aire están nuestras vidas.

  13. Indeed so. The job needs to be done: unpack, sorting the piles, decluttering. Good Luck with it!

  14. Momentos que han dejado una profunda huella, una pandemia que ha cambiado la manera de vivir…Hasta cuándo?
    Deseo que vengan tiempos mejores.

    Un cálido saludo

  15. This is a time for thinking, isn't it? Take care.

  16. Yes. We have to change our focus these days. Wonderful poetry. Thanks.

  17. So pretty. Hope you are having a beautiful day :)

  18. Esta pandemia, veio mostrar-nos que consumimos demais... e tal desde há décadas, vem afectando tantos habitats naturais... quando a humanidade interfere neles... o mundo fica descompensado... e pandemias... surgem...
    Muitas outras já houveram antes... e a grande maioria, tendo sendo alguma acção humana subjacente, que as despoletou...
    Adorei as suas palavras, que nos remetem para uma reflexão mais profunda... sobre o que é essencial para as nossas vidas...
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  19. You write the most beautiful words!

    Jill -

  20. I'm glad your closet is filled with clothes, Regine. Not many Summer clothes here, but more Fall clothes in my closet. Looking forward to cooler weather. It's a good feeling to clear things out of our closets and cupboards sometimes. : )


  21. Fantastic - I Recommend A Part II For This One - Be Well


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