Thursday, June 30, 2022


 Any prayer requests?

Tell me what your heart feels?

Tell me your wins?


  1. Prayers to all those in need.

    My heart feels joy.

    My win so far this morning is I woke up to another beautiful day.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  2. Hi Regine, You are so thoughtful to ask your followers these questions. I feel "refreshed" this morning. My "win" is cleaning and organizing my craft-quiet-guest bedroom when needed. I have my books, devotionals and Bible and a rocker with a floor lamp and all my craft supplies in this room, which is such a place of joy for me. My heart feels at peace, as I think on Jesus, the way the life and the truth. Pray that I will be a "good" listener to the Holy Spirit and others in my circle. How would you like to be prayed for today?

  3. Good morning Regine. Well my prayer request is that God will resolve a conflict between two special friends of mine. They both love the Lord but they are at odds with each other and have spoken in over a month now.
    My heart is feeling glad I have the freedom to worship the Lord at church and in my home.
    My win is finally motivating myself to get out and go to exercise class with my friends. The bonus win is that the classes are free!

  4. If get the blessings of God today, can get relief from the pain of life.

  5. My early morning win was giving Jazz his first tablet of the day with no dramas.

  6. My heart aches because I am losing Angel ~ my little yorkie ~ pray that she not suffer any pain ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. We have been praying for more peace in our world. It saddens me to see so much division.

  8. My Mom could use a prayer. She was struck by a car a few weeks ago and while she didn't suffer any broken bones, the trauma has kept her from being able to properly walk. Thank you <3

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Our community has suffered a loss. Please pray for the family of Sgt. Richard Lopez who was killed in the line of duty on Tuesday. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters. The suspect has been apprehended.

  10. Saludos
    vengo a agradecer tu paso por mi blog, muchas gracias
    pido a diario por todo el mundo, se necesita mucha oraciΓ³n.

  11. My daughter may have covid and won't be able to come home next week

  12. My extended family, that I live with, have all had covid this week - three are still in recovery. Prayers would be appreciated
    My heart feels praise, joy and awe in knowing our inestimable God and Saviour
    Wins - my attitude has improved after a gentle reminder from God

  13. Pray for Peace and Good Health- My heart feel grateful-I win everyday I wake up praising the lord.

  14. Please pray for my husband as he is really overwheled with work right now. Thank you Regine!

  15. I pray that the murders taking place and the misery that it is causing for people all over the world will stop. I do not understand how anyone can think that this is the way to deal with another country.

  16. First of all, Regine, I am praying for you... I am sorry that I have not visited anyone much lately. Life just seems to fly by.
    I always read the comments and pray for each prayer request that is put in the indiviual comments.
    I'm praying for more peace in this world..and so much less hurt.
    My win is that I finally had someone come to my house and make a card with me. It always makes my heart happy.
    My prayer request in for my grandson in the military to keep him safe.

  17. Please say a prayer for safe travels for Nel's family. She's traveling pretty far. Thank you, dear friend. And also for Jess' traveling to the mountains over the weekend.

    I got to see the girls on zoom today. That was a win for me.