Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good day

Had a nice girls' day with mom!  Nothing better than a little sushi and shopping!  What is your definition of a good day?


  1. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy! A good day for me is one where I can sit by the fire and munch on crackers while watching an old movie on TCM.

  2. A good day is day when you don't have anywhere to go and your loved ones are next to you.

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  3. Good day!= smile, dance, be happy!

    Thanks for your comment ;)

  4. Hi Regine,
    many days are good days for me. I like a day out shopping, a day in the countryside, a day spent with my family. My favourite day however is spent in close contact with Jesus, whether it be Sunday worship, everyday connection through His word or evangelizing in the street. Nothing beats that for me.