Wednesday, March 13, 2013

one with oneself

Watching the new pope coming on the balcony tonight in St. Peter's brought back wonderful memories of my journey to Italy some years ago.  There is no place like it on Earth.  When Cardinal Bergoglio was announced as the new pope, my heart was full. I am not Catholic.  There was something about choosing the name Francis that struck me.  Even before my conversion to Christianity, the prayer of St. Francis of Asissi was one of my favorites.  One of my favorite places in Italy was Assisi.  It was a place that gave me hope, solace, and a place where I sought Him.  Jesus tells he came not to be served, but to serve in Matthew 20:28.  My wish is not to to merely proselytize but to live it out.  I fail more times than I can count.  He wants me to try.  He doesn't expect perfection just effort.  One month from today, I will celebrate ten years as a believer.  Where does the time go?  In ten years, what have I learned.  The less I know for the most part is directly correlated to my level of happiness.  That being dependent on others for so much makes my dependence on Him so much greater.  The moment I lose sight of Him is the moment I lose sight of what's really important.  This is all my opinion.  I hope whatever I write helps not hurts.  Jesus helps me to see the glass-half full, and see life as something to be enjoyed not despised.  I am a work in progress, not there yet, not hopeless either.
Ciao, bella


  1. Oh my dear..we are all a work in progress.. I would be lost without Him and I would be a mess, well I was a mess, walking without Jesus, now I try to remember that He is right by my side all of the time.

    My heart was full too as the Pope means so much to so many people around the world. There seems to be so much new hope in this new leader..hopefully it will turn out to be all that they are looking for. xo

  2. I think you do good work here. Using the resources we have the way God leads us, that's what we were asked to do.

  3. Beautiful. As a Catholic, and a latina- today was a proud, happy moment for me. We are all a work in progress. ;)

    xo Carlina

  4. I'm not Catholic, either, but I love that he chose the name Assisi. I've been to the Vatican, but not to Assisi, and have been uplifted to learn of the ways Pope Francis is choosing to remain humble, as a true example of believers. I, too, have always loved the prayer of St. Francis and gained a lot of respect and admiration for him while doing going to a small Catholic college that had chosen him as their patron saint.