Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pop Pop

I didn't want to write this!  In doing so, it feels like I'm closing a chapter of my life.  It's painful to know that you have been gone since New Year's Eve.  The thing is I keep remembering your mannerisms- how you ate a banana with your pills, scraping the bowl for every Cheerio or is that me?  How you'd tell me to think and not give while doing The Sun-Sentinel crossword puzzle.  You'd always give me the Sports page after you read it yourself.   I will miss our sports discussions.  You loved your Dolphins.  Super Bowl Sunday or the NFL Draft won't be the same.  I have so many memories of us together that make me smile, and yet shed a tear.  As I remember and reminisce, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge how much of you resides in me.  When I go into the world they're are to two things I'd like:  For Christ to be seen in me, and for someone to say, "Leo, sure would be smiling with pride."  My Pop Pop, you made the dash count.

A legacy of love,

Gigi loves you

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