Monday, January 20, 2014

Writing as a lost art

I miss the days of the idea of pen pals.  I love receiving handwritten cards and notes.  When I get "snail mail", I get a warm, fuzzy feeling.  What makes you get a warm, fuzzy feeling?  Right now, I have to be still and know that I am God.


  1. its not a lost art to me. lol. everyone at my church knows me as the girl who writes letters. I write letters obsessively. I send them all the time via mail or I bike over and drop them off. if I dont write a letter a week I feel like I'm lost. its gotten to the point where there are very few people I know that dont have a letter from me. Im running out of people to send letters to. lol. Im old school and I love it:)

  2. I'm a big letter writer too. I love my pen pals and get excited every time a letter arrives in the post :)

  3. I will be your pen pal! I LOVE writing letters and try to write them often - to my grandmother, friends, etc.