Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This is scary

Folks, this is scary!  I'm afraid of being hurt.  I'm scared of letting you see me. I'm afraid to show the scars, the pain. I read a quote a few minutes ago. It's one that is making me type this at the moment.  Have I not fully accepted my disability, my beauty, my everything. Does letting you, where ever you are, scare me?  Shitless!  Would I love to be issueless,  yes!  Do I wonder if I can reconcile who I am in the mirror.  Is it painful to admit, I love the Creator, but not His creation. I can't believe I'm doing this.  When you read these posts, blessing overwhelms me.


  1. Regine.... You have to start seeing yourself as Christ see's you. I have only just started seeing myself through his eyes and not the eyes of the world.and I am 65. Trust me...people see you differently than you see yourself...mourn what you do not have..but not for long..then give it all to Christ...and move forward as His beauty shines through you♥

  2. It is extremely hard to open up to people, but it often grants us some of the best friends we will make in this lifetime. Just because you want to be different than how you are now doesn't mean you haven't accepted yourself as you are. Neal A. Maxwellsaid, "Some of us who would not chastise a neighbor for his frailities have a field day with their own."

  3. Regine, We are loved and we are precious in His eyes. Dee said it so beautifully: You have to start seeing yourself through His eyes and His word. Its hard but its te safe way.