Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 things about me

10 Things About Me
1.  I am still figuring out life
2.  My first word was said in Spanish
3.  I dream of Paris often
4.  I like to subscribe to magazines, but rarely read them anymore
5.  John 16:33 is a verse stuck in my head after I saw it on a blog
6.  I am guilty of trying to speed up life and then abruptly trying to halt it
7.  I need to read the Bible more.  I am lazy or have things I'd rather blogs or enter giveaways.
8.  I am shy, until you get to know me
9.  Pandora is the way i listen to music most often.
10.  I love romantic comedies


  1. Lovely post, have a beautiful Wednesday dear! <3

  2. So good to know a few things about you, Regine. I am outgoing, but don't like a lot of social gatherings. The first word you said was in Spanish, how interesting? I am part Spanish myself.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Nice to read! Yes to many of these myself :)

  4. 1- An ongoing process for all of us...
    2- I can get to where's the beer/bathroom in Spanish, I figure that's good enough.
    3- Have you been there?
    4- That's rather curious...
    5- One of the best verses to get stuck there!
    6- See #1...
    7- Again...
    8- I find it a lot easier to make friends like this.
    9- Spotify works better here. I'm not so interested in hearing new stuff.
    10- Addicted to Deadliest Catch and NCIS