Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some things about my life as a Christian

I read Kelly's Korner's blog this morning, and it got me thinking.

These are some things about me and my time as a follower of Christ.

I am a Jew by birth, a Christian by the Grace of God.
Acceptance is becoming more bearable with Jesus.
I was singing "Let it Rain" by Michael W. Smith, when I accepted Christ.
Your answers to questions aren't all answered once you believe.
In fact, I may have more, but if He wants me to know, He'll let me know.
Being a Christian is a calling for me.
There are things, I don't understand, and that's okay.
I never really understood when the pastor told me it's the most important decision you will make, and the best one.  It's the one decision I've made that influences every decision I make since that day.


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  1. Regine, a new Header? This is the same Header that my niece uses on her blog.

    Will you say a prayer for me today. Going through some difficult things. Thank you, friend.