Thursday, January 7, 2016

Some things about me

1.  I love linkups so I can find new blogs.
2.  I love giveaways.
3. I love cooking.
4.  Looking forward to the Super Bowl
5.  Looking forward to reading new books.

God Bless,


  1. Super Bowl huh? Cool! I hardly ever get psyched for sports.
    Some things about me:
    1. I have huge feet size 11 lol
    2. I'm a yoga, Pilates and barre teacher
    3. I'm addicted to Scrabble
    4. I just turned 40 ugh
    5. My middle name is Ryder


  2. 1. During my husband and i watch TV, he has to make a massage on my foot.
    2. i am a nurse, but i don't like Hospitals
    3. i love sweets
    4. i have an alcholic allergy
    5. i am afraid of spiders, sharks and my mother in law

  3. Best of all
    1.I like shopping for vintage items
    2. I like reading blogs
    3. I love New York City
    4. I love Savannah Georgia
    5. I am a collector of transferware dishes
    6. I am a collector of vintage Louis Vuitton
    7. I have been to Medjugorje after 24 years knowing about it
    8. I happened upon this blog by accident
    9. I have a senior body with a much younger brain
    10. I love life

  4. Linkups are a great way to find new blogs but I've recently started taking part in swaps and that's a great way to find new blogs too. I'm not in to sports but my husband and son are big American Football fans. My son's girlfriend is from the US and they support different teams so they have some friendly banter over that.

  5. I have been wanting to get back to reading too, Regine. Here's to a new good book!

    Have a lovely weekend.