Thursday, November 10, 2016


I've given this thought.  In the season of Thanksgiving I will say I'm thankful for Trump.  Yes, I said thankful for Trump.
This is why.
I can't and won't let others perceived notion of me get me riled.  I'm done changing you or fixing you.
I will only fight fights worth fighting.
I will not internalize the pain, it only kills me.
God calls me to more.  Plant the seed.  That's it.
I deserve better.
Like and love are two different things entirely.
I believe God loves me, and I need to act like I believe this.
My heart loves, but I am understanding what it is to guard it.
Time to love me better.


  1. That is the way to be. Useless to fight battles in which you control nothing. Better to control oneself.

  2. Great post - I feel like Trump may be the wakeup call for people to work together!

    Rachael xox