Friday, March 10, 2017


The vulnerability I feel right now is like an open wound that won't close.  Open to feel everything I once repressed. Wonder if what I want if not an option. Waiting on God is hard. Waiting is hard period. Trust is hard. Having faith is hard. Wonder if it's me. I'm trying to love self, and I wonder if it's me.


  1. Wishing you nothing but happiness Regine. Vulnerability is just part of the human condition when you put yourself out there. wait, hope and most importantly love who you are. You are, after all, a unique creation of The Creator.

  2. God knows what you want before you ask Him. And He always listens.


  3. Regine, I love Anne's comment...especially the reminder that you are a unique creation of The Creator. Praying for you, my friend.

  4. God meets us in our place of deepest emptiness. Hearing what He has to say - I'm still working on that myself. I think it takes Spirit-powered patience.
    I pray that God's abundant grace be manifested in your life, Regine - today and always.

  5. I find both trust and waiting to be hard. Sending my prayers for you.

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