Thursday, June 8, 2017


There is something that has got me thinking. That's not a good thing.  Why do we defend those who can defend themselves, but disregard the indefensible.  We are a divided people, period. I think we have a problem, one with no clear answer. As a person who writes this, I am responsible for my commentary in this space. I have to expect the good reaction, and the unsavory ones too. I chose it, by choosing to write this blog. There are some though who didn't ask for the slight that accompanies them. My problem is with those who as want the benefits of the limelight, but can't deal with the consequences. We have lost our nerve, our duty to do what's right even if it costs us. As the King and Country song says "Oh Lord Forgive Us".


  1. You are sure right that we are so so many ways.

  2. I think people who get offended by my reaction to their words and deeds are a special kind of ridiculous.

  3. I read one time that once we hit the "publish" button, that's it. Of course, we can delete whatever it is we've written, but I think us bloggers are brave to say and write and express what we feel. You are among these brave ones.