Sunday, October 15, 2017


It is hard for me to stay engaged in the world today. I want to say something, but it's hard to be nice. It's everything I can do not to scream, curse or cry. My best friend told me something I couldn't explain. I see the world as it is, not as I want it to be. I think deeply. She said "most are not going to do that". She said it takes time to understand people like me. Disability has shaped me in a way I can't explain or fully understand myself. Rooted in the truth in a world that needs it.


  1. Yes, you do see the world as it is, Regine.

    And so few people do think deeply except on one or two issues and then we skate through the surface.


  2. Maybe it takes time to understand people like you, but you are worth the time. It is often the people with their extraordinary thoughts that make a difference in the world. I'm sitting here looking at my candle as I'm writing this and think you need to hear its words........Darling, don't be like the rest of them.


  3. I volunteer with special needs adults regularly and love their differences. I suppose I have been around them enough to think a physical difference is nothing but an inconvenience.

  4. Everyone has a hard time in life, much depends on the state of mind...

  5. Thank you =)

    Great post, you're totally right.

  6. What I learned about my journey is that it is okay to see things differently than everyone else. Just focus on you and your happiness and the people who care will understood. Sending good vibes your way!

  7. It takes time to understand anyone with the depth and presence they deserve. I hope she keeps at it because you are clearly a woman of worth. Be strong, be you.

    Thanks for coming over to the Gypsy. I'm behind acknowledging comments -- not well these days but it'll change sooner or later. Your words and visit always mean a lot.

  8. I think it's hard to explain things to people who don't share your beliefs. I'm the oddball at my church and for me it's better to remain silent unless I'm asked. Sunday we went out of town to visit friends whom I consider to be fellow "oddballs" because of our beliefs. There have been times I've want to yell (nicely) at some of the women at my church but then I'm afraid they would perceive me as being "holier than thou". I suppose they probably already do but I can't control their thoughts.

  9. Wonderful post dear …………………keep posting!!!!!


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