Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Prayer requests

Prayer requests?


  1. My friend Annie @ McGuffy's Reader and her precious little kitty Chloe Jo. ♥

  2. We are beginning a 10-day journey today.

  3. Thank you, Regine. For my friend, Bonnie, and her family - going through a painful divorce...

  4. for the victims of the Toronto van attack yesterday.

  5. Yes I agree with Christine we need to pray for the victims of the Toronto van attack and for the families who lost loved ones.
    Thank Regine and all your blog family who will pray for the requests that come through here.

  6. For my daughter and the victims of Toronto and their family.

  7. For good health and the well being of everyone.

  8. For anyone that needs it right now

  9. Thank you. It's such a special and sweet thing that you do on your blog, Regine. Yes, a prayer for Sheri is always appreciated.

    (a bird just flew on the bush right outside my bedroom window). : )

  10. My husband is sick. Pray the kids don't catch it.

  11. For those who are suffering from a serious illness, and for the children of the countries at war! This is my suggestion...
    Hi, Regine!
    I hope you're doing fine! Finally passing through here again, after a wide spacing period!
    In recent months, I have not been able to visit all of my friends' blogs as I would like. My mother did two operations in sight, and I had to keep up with her recovery...
    But I hope from now on, to be here more present!
    A big kiss!

  12. I support the prayer of everyone in need.
    Blessed day, Regine:)

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