Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Is it necessary?

I feel like I need to address this. My desire is that we humans learn to communicate in a manner that is kind. We've lost our ability to listen then speak. I'm realizing my words have more power when I'm not self-seeking in response. The only way I can grow is to challenge my preconceived notions. I will not suppress your voices within reason. We have different life experiences, and your views are shaped by it. Love is hard. Understanding takes time. Kindness is easy.


  1. Words that take the form of negative comments, complaints, or insults can help air our grievances, but they don’t always improve upon the silence. While we mustn’t ever censor ourselves, there are many times when what we want to say isn’t necessary or helpful for the situation at hand. Or, it might be necessary, but not for the given time, place, or audience. It’s always worth considering!
    While we rarely speak with the intention to tell outright lies, that doesn’t make our words true. We can perpetuate rumors, spread gossip, exaggerate in ways that cater to our egos and personal bias...
    And..Expressing kindness isn’t about mindless optimism or giving gratuitous compliments, it’s about knowing which words are the most compassionate...!

  2. Thinking before speaking is great advice, something I need to work on.

  3. Tienes toda la razón Regine, pero por desgracia los humanos cada día somos menos humanos. Con lo sencillo que es todo y lo complicado que lo hacemos.
    Cordiales saludos

  4. That is so good of you to let others speak what they feel. Too many people get overly sensitive and offended, but we all have different views, and you have reminded me to listen before speaking. The world is in chaos at times, and it needs more fair minded people like you. The thing that bothers me lately is that some are driven with power, and it seems they'll do what it takes to get it.


  5. Communication is so important …
    Listening and speaking!

    All the best Jan