Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Prayer requests

Any prayer requests?


  1. "Lord, help my poor soul." -
    Edgar Allan Po's latest words,
    which I repeated as I made the card for Ike's challenge.
    After work, at church, I prayed for humility.
    Thanks for your attention!

  2. That your readers who aren't believers in Jesus as their Lord and Savior will come to know Him.

    No God
    No Peace
    Know God
    Know Peace

  3. That Kate finds a job..
    And for the health om my daughter...

  4. Please pray for my son, Rusty. Thank you.

  5. Let's pray for health, most important of all.

  6. For my sister's recovery from her stroke and heart attack two weeks ago. She is still in ICU and will be until at least October 31st.
    Thank you ❤


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