Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Why is it so hard to ask for help
To admit we need assistance
To put our pride
Where it belongs


  1. I don't know, Regine. But I felt that when I was in England and I couldn't walk, yet if Rick hadn't pretty much forced me into the wheelchair the first time, I think I would have fallen over. The second time was easier. The third easier still. I think it's like one of those things that just takes practice, repetition and acceptance that if we do ask and gracefully accept help, our lives will be better and those we ask will feel they've done something, however large or small, to be able to help.

  2. It's good to ask for help when we need it, but it's also a good feeling when we do a difficult task on our own. I think we all need help at times, and we should all help others too. That's important.


  3. A very good question. But it is.


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