Monday, April 15, 2019

Love letter

Notre Dame
You may be burning
And my heart
Saddened that
I hadn't the chance
To experience
Your grandeur
Hopes to find
A blessing
Amongst the ashes
The tears i can't bear to muster
The what ifs
I faintly shudder
I wonder if I love the building
More than the people
For all its splendor
I miss the point
If I can't remember
Why it stood
We shall meet
Ma cherie
Mon Paris


  1. Lovely and I'm so glad they saved it but I'm not sure what was lost or its history. Will have to dive into it.

  2. It was very sad what happened! Your poem is very good.

    Kiss :D

  3. This was such a loss, and the photos and videos as events unfolded were hard to see. Tragic :(

    I hope T Tuesday brings us all some much-needed comfort.

  4. Dearest R's Rue,
    Lovely poem.
    Yes, both my husband and I have been there and treasure those moments.
    So glad I even took my Parents there:

  5. you have quite a talent with words ...i love what you said.

  6. Lovely tribute. I did cry when I saw the live footage of Notre Dame Cathedral burning yesterday.

  7. Very beautiful tribute, darling!


  8. This hits Nel and Jess close to home, as they visited Notre Dame years ago...a wonderful experience.


  9. A lovely tribute.
    It was terrible to see Notre Dame in flames.

    All the best Jan

  10. What a poignant and brilliant tribute to Notre Dame. It was sweet of you to create this. I can tell it was from the heart.

  11. What a beautiful and poetic tribute to this wonderful cathedral. A place I have loved and only wish I could have shared with you first hand. Hearts soar there. And they will again and I trust that one day you will be there in the church from the ashes. This poem almost makes me cry.


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