Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Pray for me
The tears fly
Like a pouring rain
When you feel
like a lowly pauper
Where your net worth
Is all that matters
When those who
Love you apparently
Don't want to see you
Because you can't
Adequately entertain them
I know it's Christmas
But I all I want
Is for my prescence
To be enough


  1. Goodness! You certainly took me back...
    To 1963 in fact..to a song by Rita Pavone..!
    Became a BIG hit, Found it on line, she also
    sang it in English..but much nicer sung in


  2. Oh Rue...this really made me cry ๐Ÿ˜ข
    Oh course you are enough just as you are...
    Sending you warmest hugs...and lots of love ❤❤❤

  3. Questa รจ una bellissima canzone, cantata da una fantastica Rita Pavone, fino alla fine degli anni 60 e 70 nelle balere era il lento piu gettonato.
    Buon pomeriggio.

  4. To paraphrase Abeline from The Help. "Kind, smart and important" Remember that always

  5. I'm sorry Regine people are being unkind to you. People can be really mean sometimes. I will definitely pray for you as you requested.

    I hope you readers will too and not say thoughtless things to you.
    Sometimes even people who read our blogs don't really get what we are saying and will comment without truly understanding what we are saying. That can be more hurtful than what our loved one say.☹

  6. Hugs. Life can be so challenging. I hope today turns into a wondrous one for you.

  7. Sorry that you have been so down and treated unkindly. Hope things get better and you still get to enjoy the holiday season!

  8. We have to count our blessings.

  9. As long as YOU like yourself, that's really all that matters.

  10. Sending love to you Rue. <3<3

  11. oh ...i hope you feel lots of love this season for who you are.

  12. Too much emphasis on presents instead of presence. May you find a place where your presence is enough!

  13. Oh this makes me so sad. You ARE enough. Your presence enough. It's so wrong and to have those feelings must hurt so deep within. I hope those who have treated you such can read these words and take a look at themselves.

  14. Feel pain here, the heart wants to express, to love... turn it inward, love yourself, and then 'they' will start to respect/love you too. My respect for being brave to talk about this pain. Blessings!

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