Sunday, May 3, 2020


I take for granted
That I can put
Pain on a page
Release it
And see
If and where
It happens
To land


  1. Pain on a page, pain in words . . . Lord, let us heal!
    Blessings, Regine!

  2. Writing is a great way to let things go :)

  3. I have prayed that your pain be eased, that the Great Physician will touch your pain and start a deep healing
    Stay safe

  4. Words are stronger that we can imagine. Our revolution against Spain years ago was started by pen and paper on how a revolting novel written by our National Hero ignited a wildfire of brave men against our colonizers. Love these words R!

  5. And if you are lucky, maybe it flies so far you can't make out where it lands. Happy Monday.

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  7. Thinking of you …

    All the best Jan

  8. Isn't that amazing? We all need each other here in blog land. : )

    Have a happy May day.


  9. That's the best way to deal with pain and stress - write it down and get it all out. Beautifully written!


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