Saturday, January 2, 2021


 Disability and Depression

I don't know 

which one

has been 

a bigger nemesis

Disability and therapy

Are a lifelong affair

and accepting that fact

Right now

is the most clarity

I've had yet

i can't go back

in time



is a one hour exercise

in letting my brain exhale

I'm just finally glad

I'm articulating this

at this moment

it's amazing 

what listening

to european football

and music

on in the background

to get me to focus

God is editing 

my brain

so I don't 

scare you

or myself


how much 

to say

or leave

to the 


the level

of despair

to which

I can go

God happens

to be

The Only One

Who forces me

into the depths

so I don't 

meet the abyss


  1. Que belo poema!
    Meus parabéns pelo maravilhoso versar
    Beijinhos poéticos

  2. I hope that blogger lets me comment this time.
    Disability (and sometimes its incestuous cousin depression) live with me too.
    I try hard not to let them define me.

  3. Oh, I can feel the hurt. I hope you have a great year of breakthroughs that help you with what you are being put through.

  4. Your post resonates so well with so many of us! Beautifully penned down the depth and meaning of life!

  5. May God be your solace and your strength, Regine!

  6. So thankful that God gives you this outlet to share your deep thoughts. Writing them down and getting them out of your head/heart can be therapeutic, I would think. It also helps us to know how to pray for you. May the Lord continue to strengthen and keep you day by day.

  7. Dearest Regine,
    Indeed, accepting a situation that never can get reversed is tough!
    But trusting God, is our ONLY solace and hope.

  8. This post shows your bravery, sharing your pain with us. Thank you for your trust. God is our hope and I pray this year brings you peace of mind and joy.

  9. you describe it so well. All the best to you - for the new year.

  10. God is so good!
    May He pour out blessings on you and give you strength and His peace that goes beyond all understanding, in the mighty name of Yeshua!💛

  11. Oh I just want to reach out and give you a big hug. Please try to fight the despair, my dear are such a beautiful soul.❤

    Wishing you a much better NEW YEAR, with improved health and happiness xxx

  12. muito bonito desejo um2021 com muita saude bjs

  13. Through your excellent writings I can feel your anguish.
    I am so sorry ❤

  14. Oh so nice and powerful
    My best wishes to you in this 2021

  15. You are an amazing wordsmith! I hope both of the themes in this poem are not getting the best of you right now.

  16. You have tremendous courage and a remarkably powerful way of your expressing yourself. Hold on.

  17. Your words and powerful, yet moving.
    Sending my thoughts and good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. Deep thoughts Regine, and all part of growth - it is when you don't/won't examine your thoughts that it becomes dangerous. Acceptance of ones circumstances can be hard, but liberating.
    Stay safe

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