Thursday, December 27, 2012


In the midst of cleaning this morning, I happened to see a folder on the shelf.  I decided to open it up and take a look.  What I found left me in pleasant amazement.  I found old poems from so many years ago.  I was reminded me of what worries and fears I had at the time.  I got a chance to reflect on how much I have accomplished.  I realized God has been very good to me.  He still is.  So much has changed in seven plus years.  I am a college graduate.  I am a world traveler.  I am loved.  I am a follower of CHRIST!
I once wrote a poem about my Cerebral Palsy.  I wondered if my CP was a blessing or a curse.  I still pose that question to myself sometimes, but it has for the most part, it has been a blessing.
For the most part, the only one who notices my Cerebral Palsy, is me!  I still have days where I have fear, but they get fewer and fewer.
Someone told me recently that I need to recognize the accomplishments, and how far I have come.  Today, I will do just that!
I have so much more I want to accomplish, and I will!  If it has to be done with one small step at a time, so be it.  I have a hard time being nice to myself.  Today I will say to myself:  Well done, my friend!
Any accomplishments, friends, you need to acknowledge today?  Would love to hear!