Sunday, December 30, 2012


Happy Sunday, friends!
I will be watching some NFL football in about thirty minutes, but I thought I would share this.
After church today, I fell trying to step down from the curb.  I stepped down, and thought it would be smooth sailing thereafter.  I didn't take into account that the pavement was not in good condition, and was not totally flat like asphalt.  I didn't fall gracefully.  My hand was bloodied, and so was my knee, as I would soon find out.  I just got up, and dusted myself off.  I am fine.
I have no depth perception.  After every fall, I do not so secretly wish I had some.
I used to be so upset with myself for letting myself fall or not fall.
Today, I am accepting the I may fall, but I shall get up again.  I am learning to accept the lady who looks back at me in the mirror.  I have asked God the question of why too many times.  I lost count.  I am not Cerebral Palsy.  It is just a condition of which I do have.
All days are not this great.  I have bad days too.  Life is not perfect, and not fair.  I am imperfectly perfect.  Learning to laugh even when that is the last thing I want to do.