Monday, June 8, 2015

my monday thoughts

I am one with you
I'm tired
Weary bones
Weary heart
no more
i refuse
to feel powerless
in my own body
my own mind

i am yours
You are mine
God, Father, I surrender

My heart feels so much.  Sometimes, Lord, I want to give up. I know you made me for more, so I continue on.  Some battles, I won't fight, for it is unnecessary for me.  It is very clear that life is beautiful.  It's all in perspective.

Be blessed,


  1. "It's all in perspective". The hardest part of life, but also so true that it's how we can push through :)

  2. Regine, may God be with you during this time of weariness. So sorry you're feeling this way, and I'm here to say I'm thinking of you today.

    Thank you for the wishes for Jess' engagement. I really appreciate it.