Tuesday, June 9, 2015

proud moment

Today's been one of those days that leaves me awestruck.  All I can think is wow.  I've come so far, and yet I feel there is more to be done.  It leaves me speechless that this in South Carolina.  I've been so blessed.  As I was reading a devotional this afternoon, I couldn't help but be put in my place.
I've never thought that living my life would be my testimony, and that people would be watching how I live my life to see all the greatness of Christ.
I've not thought much of myself, but I have to think:  how many times has God allowed my life to be a light of what He can do.  I've been blessed with parents who knew how to love me, push me and nurture His greatness in me.  Do, I take it for granted?  Yes.  I am grateful for this gift to write.  It has helped my soul heal.  It has allowed me to meet and communicate with wonderful people.
When I look at my college degree from Lander University, I smile with pride.  Five years of hard work and more tears than I can count.  It was one of the most humbling times in my life.
I don't want to be ashamed of Cerebral Palsy or not being able to drive.  It makes life a pain in ass sometimes, i will never sugarcoat that.  Living for me now is a blessing i now can recognize with eyes anew.  He knows my dreams, and if you want to know ask me.  In that church in Assisi those years ago, my heart fluttered with wonder, and it flutters now.  I'm afraid for the world to see me, but here it is.

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  1. The world sees you as beautiful, strong, smart, courageous... someone to look to as an example of a humble Christian woman who isn't perfect and has struggles, just like everyone else. But how you deal with those struggles is what sets you apart from being just anyone. Beautifully written, lady! :)