Monday, March 7, 2016

God Bless

I have refrained from these posts for far too long.  Surgery took a physical toll, but what it did mentally, I don't know if I can explain.  I became a recluse.  As many well wishes as I had, I had too much fear, anxiety and disdain for self.  I didn't want to take pain medication, but I ended up taking it.  I lost weight.  I felt like I was existing, not living.  Some days, I still feel this.  I didn't communicate on Facebook or this blog much. I still haven't given it all to God.  This is all still so fresh.  I want to bash these keys in frustration.
God Bless,


  1. Hang in there. You are a tough critic of yourself. Body and mind both have to heal, and spirit makes three. BTW, God won't get mad if you let Him have it once in a while, trust me on that!

  2. You're in my prayers. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

  3. Poor thing! Stay strong :)


  4. One of the hardest things in the world is to "give God all the worry"....when I get to the point of crying all the time and almost making myself sick, I surrender and ask HIM to please take it for me..That doesn't mean that I quit worrying about it...I still's just that HE takes the weight of it and that makes it more bearable for me.

  5. A prayer for you, Regine, and just now as I'm writing this, the sunlight streamed through the window. :)


  6. Hang in there.
    Positive thoughts for you ...

    All the best Jan