Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday confessions

Confessions for a Monday

Sometimes you need someone to affirm you, to say it out loud.  After surgery, my self-esteem along with other issues has been shaky, so my ego got a boost.  I usually wouldn't be happy with my ego getting a boost, but I needed it.

I'm not used to being bold, but I'm learning. My comfort zone is being shattered, and for the first time, I'm learning it's okay to be so vulnerable.

I don't like people seeing me cry.  As I type this, I am holding tears back.

Church is good for my soul.

I am liking chocolate, more and more these days.  I'm trying to get away from my love of swedish fish and marshmallowy goodness.  Peeps are a weakness. loves my wallet.

Part of loving Jesus is loving who He made you.

God Bless,


  1. Church...chocolate ...peeps... is a good life :) I felt very vulnerable after my surgeries last year... I am finally getting over it.

  2. It's ok to cry. My mom used to cry when she was sad, cry when she was overjoyed, cry when she was sentimental. I take after her, and that's just who we are. :) Then, I have a church friend who says she never likes to cry in front of people. I wonder how she does it? I'm just me, and I can't be any other way.